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Acid Death Interview

Interview with Acid Death

By Lucifera

Acid Death is a great band from Greece, their music is a mix of progressive thrash and death metal! They have been around since February of 1989. Their founding member is Savvas 'Jake', the bassist and vocalist of this magnificent band.

Acid Death Their line-up:
Savvas 'Jake'- bass/ vocals
Dennis- lead guitar
Themis-lead guitar
Costas- drums

Acid Death released their seven inch ep entitled " APATHY MURDERS HOPE " through Molon Lave Records on Greece and a split ep with AVULSED from Spain.

What inspired you to start a band?
Well, that thing that inspired us to create the band was our love for music. We like to play music, we like to create our own sound and our own songs. Music is our life. That's the reason we started the band. We didn't as an easy way to gain money, we don't gain money from the band and we don't expect to. We just like to play together in this band, to create our songs and to present our creation to the people.

How do you deal with the band members having to go to the army in Greece?
The army is the biggest problem for a band here in Greece. Everyone can create, can play live, can make everything until the day he has to go to the army. Then he can't continue what he started for about 7 . And this is the reason that many bands break up. We have this problem because I'm in the Army and our drummer, Costas, will also go in May, but there is no serious problem. We don't want to stop the band and the Army isn't a serious reason to do that.

What are your main influences?
Our main influences come from a variety of bands here in Greece. Of course, we like to listen to death metal but we also like to listen to thrash metal and bands like Dead Can Dance, the Cure, the Police, or Dream Theater and Fates Warning. We don't like to be occupied with only one type of music.

Could you tell us a little about the song Splitting Your Mind's Eye?
Splitting Your Mind's Eye is one of our favorite songs. It's a strange story about a man who feels his soul and spirit leave his body and then enters into a "Room of Emotions". As you may understand, this is a story and nothing more!

Are your lyrics about your feelings, experiences or are you making a statement?
In our lyrics we like to talk about many things, our feelings about serious subjects, thing which annoy us, things about religion, and the way that people are lead by it and fascinating stories.

What are the future plans for Acid Death?
We would like to finish with the problems with the army. Afterwards we want to be the same as we were before we entered the army, 4 guys playing their favorite music and to be best friends. Nothing more!