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Acheron's full length album Those Who Have Risen was released by Full Moon Productions. This album is based on the mythos and teachings of the Temple of the Vampire. "This actual religious body blessed Acheronís efforts to produce a call to those children of the night, so that they may preserve the royal bloodlines. Reverend Crowley is an initiate of the priesthood of Ur, a secretive order to the Inner TempleÖMerciless Records released a limited edition of Necromantelon Communion picture disc, which featured the title track and a cover song of Bathoryís Raise the Dead. Acheron has been featured on Lost Disciple Recordsí Visionaries of the Macabre Volume 1 compilation CD, Alabaster Records CD So Mote It Be and Full Moon Productions Tribute to Hell compilation CD. They have been featured in hundreds of magazines and fanzines from all over the globe including Metal Maniacs, Endemoniada, Sounds of Death, Pit Magazine, Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, Scapegoat, and many more. Their music also tends to attract the likes of both Gothic and Industrial fans."- Full Moon Productions Press Release

Acheron is:
Rev. Vincent Crowley-vocals and bass
Michael Estes-lead guitar
Jonathan Lee-drums
Peter H. Gilmore-Symphonic Orchestra Intros

Interview by Lucifera and Xastur

1. It has been a long time since our last interview and a lot seems to have happened since, Order of The Evil Eye was dissolved and now you have become associated with Temple of the Vampire, what brought about that interest and how has it inspired your album Those Who Have Risen?
I had been in contact with the T.O.V. for awhile and enjoyed a lot of their teachings and magical practices, so I thought creating an album based on their mythos and teaching would be quite original and interesting, while still remaining Satanic. It is a concept that has never been used before, especially in the "vampiric" genre.

2. You are no longer on Moribund Records and are now on Full Moon Productions. How did this come about? Have you seen any significant differences between both labels?
We waited a year for MORIBUND RECORDS to put out Those Who Have Risen and couldnít wait anymore. Thorns from FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS showed a lot of interest in putting it out and said he would release it as soon as possible. FULL MOON has promoted ACHERON more than any label in the past. So far I am happy working with this label.

3.What was the reason behind the departure of your keyboardist, John Scott, and who will replace him?
I have nothing positive to say about him, so I wonít waste my time talking shit. We just didnít see eye to eye. We hope to replace him in the near future, but no one has yet been hired. But keyboards will not always be present on ACHERON releases.

4. We were eager to see ACHERON for The Satanic Crusade and there were so many rumors as for the reason that you didnít play that show. Was it really only because of the keyboardistís departure? How did you feel about it?
It was more of a booking problem than anything else. We checked out some venues we were supposed to play and over half of them were not confirmed with a signed contract, so we didnít want to risk being fucked over. And as you can see it ended up being almost a total failure. We would have loved to play with those bands, but we valued our self-preservation more.

5.Speaking of shows, what do you think of the upcoming Milwaukee Metal Fest? And tonightís show in NYC a the Bank?
We are not going to be playing the METAL FEST this year, so we are somewhat disappointed due to the fact that the gods MERCYFUL FATE are playing. As for the show we did on July 18th in New York. It wasnít what we planned it to be like. There were a lot of problems, but we still enjoyed playing for those who came out to see us.

6. How did David Vincent of ex-MORBID ANGEL, currently of Genitorturers, and George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse end up doing guest appearances on your latest creation?
I am friends with both of them and I decided to see if they wanted to lend their vocal chords for a few guest appearances. They agreed and we were delighted to include them on Those Who Have Risen.

7.How has Anton LaVeyís death affected you and what is your take on Zeena LaVey wanting her "15 minutes of fame"?
It was a sad day to have such an important mentor and comrade depart from our lives, but he still lives within our memory. As for Zeena, she should be hung from a tree and used as a pinata.

8. In your involvement with Temple of the Vampire would you say you are in 100% agreement with their philosophical views? Iím mostly interested in your opinion on the part that says that "It was Ancient Vampires who created Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and all other world religions to produce docility and compliance with the Rule of the Masters," yet at one time you were "crusading" against Christianity. Plus we all know that none of these religions created any docility, only dangerous fanaticism towards its so-called creators and too much religious conflict ending in war throughout history. What is your opinion then?
No, I really donít agree with anything 100%, except for The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. But regarding T.O.V. ideas about "slave religions", I can agree that they were created to instill obedience within the weak minded drones. But I donít agree that they are still needed in this overpopulated world of sheep. I think the "slave religions" gain too much momentum and ended up with too much power. All these religions must be destroyed and their followers should now look to us as their gods, not Christ, Buddha, or Alla. Satanists/Vampires are the true lords of this world.

9.Ever since Endemoniada #5, have you seen many more female artists that have grasped your attention within the underground scene?
There are several that have caught my attention, but I would say THE GENITORTURES and Tori Amos are the best examples. Black metal bands which use female vocals are pretty interesting also.

10.Blacky and Lucifera were once having problems with the "agents of God" sending these retarded pamphlets through our mail, we have had an excellent laugh and intrigue with how you put an end to this for us. What the hell did you do? (We greatly appreciate it!)
I went right to the source and told them to stop their shit "or else"! I guess they got the message. (Ha, Ha) I never beat around the bush with that shit, Christians who fuck with me and my friends will be dealt with, I am the thorn in their side!

11. Any closing comments?
Yes, your friends are very cool and I thank them for returning the Pentagram bracelet I lost on stage. That was fucking great! I hope everyone picks up the new album Those Who Have Risen and support us on our quest for world domination! HAIL SATAN! AD MAJOREM STANAE GLORIAM!

Acheron has parted ways and a new project has been formed WOLFEN SOCIETY
The band WOLFEN SOCIETY consists of:


"Be on the lookout for this band. They are sure to piss off a lot of PC loving assholes. For further information contact the addresses listed below." -WS



The World is coming to an end. We shall be the new beginning!