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Our first interview with Rev. Vincent Crowley by Lucifera

Acheron was the brainchild of a Satanist out to set matters straight! Acheron was created in 1988 to spread blasphemy and Satanism to the masses of metal heads seeking the true definition of Satanism. Forget shock rock here's Satanic Death Metal! Too many bands were using satanic images and not really understanding the philosophy behind it, well, that's were Acheron stepped in!
Here's an interview done in 1994 before the release of HAIL VICTORY.

Rev. Crowley

1.How was Acheron formed?
I wanted to create a true Satanic band which was loyal to the principles of Modern Satanism. Acheron started in 1988. Anton LaVey had a big influence on what I wanted the band to represent.

2.Why did you choose the name ACHERON?
It is the river of woe in Greek mythology, and I felt it was an appropriate name for an unholy band.

3. When did your first demo MESSE NOIR LIVE come out and is it still available?
That came out in 1989. It is no longer available. It was a totally different version of Acheron.

4. How did you become involved in Satanism and The Church of Satan?
I became interested in Satanism when I read THE SATANIC BIBLE and THE SATANIC RITUALS by Anton Szandor LaVey. It showed me that I was already a Satanist. As for the Church of Satan, Magister Peter H. Gilmore introduced me to it. I am know a member of the Church of Satan.

5. If a Satanist from the Church of Satan doesn't believe in angels, demons, god, or Satan, why have rituals and perform hexes?
These are ways to achieve power by will. We do acknowledge there are forces and powers of nature, but we refuse to lower ourselves and give them personalities. Satan is an archetype, we are the true devils of the world. Satanism takes study, not blind faith. We only believe in that which is proven to exist. But magick is powerful, if used correctly.

6. Has anyone confronted you because of your beliefs?
Yes, but we always prevail. If anyone dares to threaten us physically, they will discover their fate to a bullet.

7.What do you think of women in the underground scene and who would you say is your favorite?
I think having women in the scene is great. I like the stuff Satania (Dana Duffy) from Demonic Christ does.

8. What are Acheron's goals?
To indulge in the creation of Satanic music.

9. When will you tour the USA and Europe?
Never, we have decided not to tour. We may do Metal Fests if we can.

10. How has the response been to Acheron's RITE OF THE BLACK MASS?
It has been great, we have very loyal fans.

11. Any last unholy words for our evil creatures?
Keep an eye out for our HAIL VICTORY EP on METAL MERCHANTS RECORDS. Don't buy any of our stuff from LETHAL RECORDS, they are a rip off! HAIL SATAN!

P.O. BOX 272929, TAMPA, FL 33688 USA