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Abyss Productions

Interview with Lori by Lucifera

1. Lori,tell us a little about yourself and how you became involved with ABYSS PRODUCTIONS?
I have been in the metal scene for 12 years. I have a strong background in metal, so I was chosen to work for Abyss. Abyss production was formed around 1993 and was started by Dan Ferguson.
Mike Ford also helped with the distro. and A View into the Abyss zine. Later Mike decided to break ties with Abyss. He wanted to spend more time on his music. About a year later, I started working on Abyss.

2.Tell us what ABYSS PRODUCTIONS is all about? Did you know about the occult catalog by the name of Abyss Distribution in MA? Does anyone confuse you with them?
Abyss Production is about metal, supporting metal, supporting metal bands and those who buy metal! We have never been confused with Abyss Distribution.

3.What became of A View Into The Abyss zine? How much did you get to contribute to that?
A.V.I.T.A. is dead. We are too busy with Abyss. Since the Crimson Moon CD has been released, there is no way we could spend time with another issue. The only issue I worked on was issue number 6 and I did about 40% of the zine.

4.Why are you and Mike Ford (Von Baron Abaddon of Black Funeral)in bad terms?
About every other weekend, Mike and I sit back, drink and listen to metal. I don't like Baron Von Abaddon, but I do like Mike Ford.

5.What kind of bands, music and literature are you into?
I listen to EMPEROR, THERION (OLD & NEW), CRIMSON MOON, UNLEASHED, OCTOBER TIDES, KATATONIA, WITHIN TEMPTATION, DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILITY, INTESTINE BAALISM, HELLOWEEN, etc... To make it short, I like American death, Swedish death, Black Metal, Thrash, old Metal, Doom Metal, some atmospheric synth. music, opera and classical. I read horror, fantasy novels. I also read books on WWII, the occult, Nordic, Egyptian, Celtic, Sumerian mythology, alien abductions, drams & E.S.P. I have a good size collection of books.

6.What is your perspective on Satanism, Wiccans, Vampyres?
There is all sorts of versions of Satanism. You got the ones who really think there is a Satan for some odd reason and they choose to worship him. Then you got the LaVey Satanists who choose to pay big money to join this church. People who believe in the Jewish/ Christian god, but chooses not to worship god or the devil. It is human nature to believe in a higher power but no one can agree on what this higher power is. Wiccans, what can I say...another religion.

Vampyres as a religion all I can say is, people have too much time on their hands I guess. If people want to wear long black dresses or black clothes in general, drink blood and call themselves vampires for fun, there is nothing wrong with that. When you get the ones who think it a reality and think they can drain people of their energy by just looking at them, I have to laugh. Their reality is not mine.

7.Do you get a lot of response for stuff on your label, what band do fiendz order most?
People who order from us are more into black metal from Norway or Sweden. We do get a lot of people into Swedish death scene. It is hard to generalize because people who buy from us like all sorts of metal. Over all, Sweden and Norway's metal scene holds the throne.

8.How is the scene in Indianapolis? Are there any bands of interest in that area?
Scene in Indpls... There is none. Metal is growing here, but slowly. Lordes Werre and Skull View are the only good metal bands I know in Indiana.

9.What do you do when not dealing with Abyss Productions? What are your goals for Abyss?
I work a 40 hour job and work on Abyss. That is my life. Dan, he works a 40 hour job, a part time job and Abyss. I do enjoy singing. I write poems and I put my voice to them and write my won songs. I can't play any instruments, my only instrument is my voice. I am looking for a band (metal) that needs female soprano vocals, but over all I have had no luck. I know if I lived in Europe, I'd have no problem finding a band wanting female vox. When I am not writing or singing, I read.

Abyss Production's goal is to grow bigger, but not so big that we forget what the underground is all about. Our goal is to sign good metal bands, but not spit out CD releases every month like other American labels. Our goal is to introduce new CD's to our customers and keep our prices low.

10.Can you name inspirational female entities that you can note as favorites?
My fav. Female vocalists are:

11.Were you involved in any of the satanik "organizations" that Mike Ford was a part of? What became of those organizations?

12.What is your opinion of the death of Anton LaVey?
Everybody dies.

13.Are there other band members who don=t appreciate you or who have given you any trouble and for what reasons?
I am sure there is, but I ain't gonna cry about it. Nobody has really given us any problems. I have been ripped off by some American labels, but they will get theirs in time...

14.Have you been interviewed for any other fanzines or magazines? What other fanzines can you recommend?
I have been interviewed by a couple of zines, one in Japan and one in the States. I feel it is important for zines to interview labels/distros. because we are a strong part of the scene. I do not recommend any fanzine because I don't read them.

15.How can my fiendz obtain merchandise from you and what's available to them?
Just send $1 to Abyss Productions : 8081 S. Madison Ave. Suite #360, Indpls., IN 46227-6001 USA and you will be sent a full list of black, death thrash metal CDS, shirts, tapes and LPS. All orders are sent within 24 hours after the money is received!!! Our debut release Crimson Moon (Vampiric black metal) cd is now out for only $15 US and $17 world. If interested in Crimson Moon and /or Abyss Production write us!! If ordering Crimson Moon CD make M.O. payable to Dan Ferguson, NOT Abyss!!!

16.Any last words from the abyss?
I would like to thank you Lucifera for the interview!!! Your support is very appreciated! Come join me Into The Abyss....