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Interview by Lucifera

1. Tell us about ABAZAGORATH, itís members and your reason for giving the band this name.
The black cult of ABAZAGORATH consists of four demonic entities: Morgul (guitar, vocals), Cythrall (guitar), Warhead (drums), and myself, Nyarlathotep (bass, vocals). The concept behind ABAZAGORATH is based on something that is supremely majestic and dark. Pure hell from our deepest fantasies! Hatred, Armageddon, and the Black Pagan Forest!

2.What meaning do the songs on your demo have for you?
ABAZAGORATH is the blast of PURE HATRED and WAR! Our primary goal is to create original black metal with a dark and dreamlike atmosphere. We spit on all trends and labels! Buy our mini-cd when it comes out and discover for yourself! Past the ancient gateway and into the night! A world of melancholy and blood!

3. What is your concept of the Left Hand Path? What steps would you take to advance the main goals of the left hand path?
Our concept of the Left Hand Path is to trample the hordes of christ and to spread hatred and fear! We each have our own personal beliefs and practices concerning the occult, not to be discussed here! Hail Satan!

4.What will you do to move Abazagorath forward? And who do you cite as your influences?
Well, we plan to release our three song mini-CD within the next few months. From that point, we may perform live on occasions when the stars are right, under the proper conditions (candlelight, fog, etc..). We are also working to expand our sound by incorporating more keyboards and atmospheric elements into our music.
On a philosophical and literary level, we are influenced by Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley, A.S LaVey, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, the Marquis De Sade, and the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.

5. What female deity would you cite as the strongest and why? Do you know any female bands you would recommend?
ERESHKIGAL, the Goddess of the Abyss, Queen of the Underworld is almighty! She is TIAMAT, the Dragon that will devour the holy!
My favorite female musicians would have to be AGHAST (Nor.) their HEXERI IM ZWIELICHT DER FINSTERNIS CD is total fucking nightmare! Supreme ambient witch music! Some acts which feature female members that are both worth mentioning include: DEMONIC CHRIST and EVOL, and I appreciate the use of female vocalists by ABSU/ EQUIMANTHORN, DARK TRANQUILITY, etc.

6. What do you think of the European movement with black metal and the occult and do you find any relation with what they are doing?
Although we respect and draw much of our influences from the European black metal scene, the way it has exploded over the past two years may be harmful to the movement. Bands like MARDUK and IMMORTAL do major tours and ANCIENT has signed a long term deal with METAL BLADE RECORDS! The mystique and "cult-like" atmosphere is ruined! Furthermore, there is no room for political bullshit in black metal. Underground and apolitical is the way the scene should remain.
As far as "occult movements" go, what anyone else does is no concern of ours. We follow our own path in ABAZAGORATH! We are not sheep to be led blindly! We are wolves, and we devour the sheep!

7. What do you think of the American black metal movement and other occult sects?
I know that many people malign the U.S. black metal scene, but the movement is starting to pick up steam. In this country, black metal remains a mystery, and it is not too widely accepted, and this is good!

8. Anything else you desire to add?
We encourage black metal fans from around the world to get in touch with ABAZAGORATH! In the great Clavicle of Solomon, the Pacta Conventa Daemoniorium is found!