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by Lucifera

13 is one amazing band from NYC! They started out as THUNDERPUSSY 13 in 1990. Liz, guitarist and Ellen, drummer were the founders of this unworldly creation. After dropping the name THUNDERPUSSY, they recruited singer Alicia and bassist, Sean in 1992. Many underground fiendz had a hard time categorizing this band, it was a mixture of sludge/doom/ grindcore.
Alicia was also working as the assistant editor of METAL MANIACS. She was the infamous vocalist with the deepest gutteral vocals ever heard from a female. She was probably one of the first females to go that deep in the world of metal. She was harsh on stage, but sweet and friendly in person.

This brutal band was inspired by CELTIC FROST, ST. VITUS, MELVINS, WINTER, MOUNTAINS, etc… and their mission was to play music "that hurts you physically when you hear it!"
Their first demo contained three heavy songs and had a guest appearance by Dan Lilker of NUCLEAR ASSULT/ BRUTAL TRUTH. The three songs were Wither, Plague and Bound. They did a split 7" with GRIEF from Boston, MA on GRIEVANCE RECORDS.

13 playing live.

In 1993 Sean (bassist) left the band and they had to filled in that void by engaging other musicians. 13's Liz and Alicia also recorded with members of EYEHATEGOD in a side project called NEVER. Alicia had also been asked to do backing vocals for BRUTAL TRUTH's I'll Neglect.

13 played several shows in NEW YORK and outside of NY. And I couldn't help but being proud of this all female assault of doom. I saw many a man drool over these demonesses when they performed live.

13 played with such bands as: PUGNENT STENCH, ST. VITUS, BUZZOVEN, MISERY, CHAOS UK, CATHEDRAL, PENTAGRAM, INCANTATION, MIND OVER FOUR. HOLLOW was presented on a purple 7" on KICHIGAIA. It was also released on RELAPSE RECORDS. And unfortunately, disbanded and disappeared. There were many rumors circulating but none with any just foundation. They were one of the deepest and one of the darkest reflecting NY's gloomy death/ doom scene.