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My 99 Regal GS Page

Welcome to my new 99 GS page.

I bought my GS April of 1999 and waited about 5 days till I started modding it. Actually the first mod was adding a aftermarket spoiler for a sportier look. Then tinting the windows with 20% all around and on the top of the windshield. Both were done in the first week of me owning the car. Then I moved on to performance mods. My first was the 9" cone. I love the loud whine when the supercharger kicks in. It's also a great attention getter. Shortly afterwords, to compliment the increase in breathing ability, I bought the SLP exhaust for the GS. Which consists of 2.5" stainless pipe, and a glasspack type muffler. It has a nice deep tone to it now since it's broken in. But since the I've upgraded to another exhaust system. It consists of 3" piping from the cat back to a 3" in/out Dynomax Welded Race Muffler. This new setup gave me a .1 in the 1/4 mile. About the same time I did the cone and SLP exhaust, I applied header wrap to the crossover pipe. This is to keep the throttle body and the engine bay as a whole slightly cooler.

Here is a more recent but now outdated pic, with the Magnuson nose (installed by myself!) and 3.4" pulley. Out of all the mods, this made the biggest difference in the ass dyno. I also did noticed an increase in gas milage. About 3mpg, which is good considering only half my driving is on parkways. Another recent mod is the SLP Cold Air Box, I decided to switch to cold air induction because it's more efficient than sucking in hot air. I've done some modifications to the box. First I used some weatherstrip to seal the box to the fender, so no engine bay heat can enter the intake. Then I covered the box in a heat protective coating to keep my IAT's down, and enlarged the opening to the fender. Now I still get to enjoy the sound of the blower with true cold air induction. Another mod to keep things cooler is a Hypertech 160 degree thermostat. That combined with the Casper's fan control kit has made cooldown times much quicker, and my times much more consistant at the track. So far my best is a 13.624 @ 98.642, done at Long Island dragway on a nice 60 degree day. Next Page Third picture page Fourth Page I also have another page, but it needs to be updated. AOL is severely assbackwards and isn't allowing me to update it with thier newest software. My aol page Any questions you can E-mail me at

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