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These were also used during the civil war in limited numbers and areas.

US M1816 Flintlock Musket
Made by Harpers Ferry Armory and Springfield Armory; c. 1816 -1840 then converted by private contractors to percussion; c. 1840-1860. Total quantity converted unknown. 42" round 69 caliber smoothbore barrel. No front or rear sight. Bayonet lug on top of barrel at muzzle. Three barrel bands retained with barrel band retaining springs. Steel ramrod with button shaped head. Iron mountings. Metal parts finished bright, browned, or combination; the lockplate casehardened. The conversion ("French Style" or commonly known as "drum and nipple") consisted of removing all external lock parts then plugging all threaded holes; a drum type bolster (with nipple) was then threaded into the enlarged touchhole; then, the hammer was replaced with one that resembled a civilian fowling piece. This method was believed to have been performed through the early 1850s.

P1842&1839 Muskets (I need info on these!)

1746 Charleville


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I am interested in buying old and reproduction muskets/parts. Anything interesting, sporterized muskets, locks, conversions etc. If you have something you think I might want then feel free to email me at At the moment I am particularly interested in getting or making an 1842 Springfield musket.