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"Marion Rifles"

Venture Crew 1862,BSA

The 5th Virgina: Is a Living History Venture Crew with the Boy Scouts Of America, and is part of the Iroquois Trail Council. The Venture Crew is made up of young men and ladies between the ages of 14-20, family members and friends are also invited to join. The Goal of our unit is to give honor to thoese that served in the American Civil War (The War between the States) and those that lived during the late 19th Century. This is a time in history that no one must ever forget.

Our unit is a reenacting unit out of Western N.Y. and is headquarted out of Perry N.Y. At events we try to be as accurate as possible of life in the 1860's.
We are a family oriented unit. We work together to learn more and teach others what we have learned about the American Civil War and that time period. We are not as "Hardcore" as other units, but are still Historically accurate and have lots of good clean fun.

So kick off your brogans and light up that cigar and enjoy our links.

See where you can find us.
Learn about the history of the 5th.
New pictures as our year progresses.
See our members.
Here is how you can join.
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