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Planetary Associations with Days of the Week

Many practitioners of magick, such as Pagans and Ceremonial Magicians, believe that certain days of the week are mystically aligned with a different planetary body, thus making certain types of spellwork more effective on those particular days. This is not to say that you cannot do any type of spellwork any day of the week it is needed, especially in emergencies. This belief in planetary associations simply states that certain days enable different types of spellwork to be particularly effective. This should not be used as a limiting factor on the practitioner, but simply as a guide to better spellwork. The purpose of this section will be to illustrate which planetary body is associated with each day, what types of spellwork are best to perform that day and even what each day is named after; it should be noted that all the days of the week are considered to be associated with a particular Norse deity, and several of the days are actually named for one of the deities. The mystical science of Astrology is designed to study the manner in which the planetary bodies' alignment effects the outcome of various events in our lives, depending upon which time of the year we were born, but a full description of this ancient art is far beyond the scope of this section and even this web site, but good information on it is readily available elsewhere; many books on it can be found in the New Age section of any well-stocked book store.

The planetary associations of each day are as follows:

Day: Sunday
Planetary Association: Sun
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: Balder
Origin of Name: This one is pretty self-explanatory; the name of the day comes from the fact of the Sun's astrological alignment with it.
Types of Spellwork: Leadership, healing, happiness, joy, wisdom, advice.

Day: Monday
Planetary Association: Moon
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: Frigga
Origin of Name: "Monday" is short for "Moon Day" in honor of the day's alignment with that planetary body.
Types of Spellwork: Marriage, emotional love, family, childbirth, prophecy.

Day: Tuesday
Planetary Association: Mars (named after the Roman god of war)
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: Tyr
Origin of Name: Named for Tiu, the Anglo-Saxon moniker for Tyr, the Norse god of war and justice ("Tiu's Day").
Types of Spellwork: War, conflict, competition, sports, bravery, honor, law and justice.

Day: Wednesday
Planetary Association: Mercury (named after the Roman herald of the gods)
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: Odin
Origin of Name: Named for Woden, the Anglo-Saxon name for Odin, the king of the Norse gods ("Woden's Day").
Types of Spellwork: Education, the arts, the intellect, communication, music, writing, divination, psychic abilities, poetry, healing.

Day: Thursday
Planetary Association: Jupiter (named after the Roman King of the Gods)
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: Thor
Origin of Name: Named for Thor, the Norse god of thunder ("Thor's Day").
Type of Spellwork: Money, commerce, employment, luck, opportunity, prosperity, material wealth, influencing the weather, justice, protection.

Day: Friday
Planetary Association: Venus (named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty)
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: Freya
Origin of Name: Named for Freya, the Norse goddess of magick, physical love, fertility, and peace ("Freya's Day").
Types of Spellwork: Love, sexuality, beauty, ecstasy, peace, fertility, magick, creativity.

Day: Saturday
Planetary Association: Saturn (named after the Roman god who was the leader of the Titans, the deitiesí predecessors)
Norse Deity Associated With the Day: The Norns
Origin of Name: "Saturday" is a shortened form of "Saturn's Day."
Types of Spellwork: Endings, death, dark magick, banishings and bindings, karma.

I am once again indebted to Wiccan author A.J. Drew for much of the info in this section.