Memorial Meeting on


on the occassion of the 55th anniversary of his murder
by the Japanese Military Police after the WWII

his life, literary achievement, legal implication of the murder

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2000
Time: 2:25 PM - 5:00 PM
Place: 32 Wavely Place East, Rm. 520
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
New York University
Direction:Northeast Corner of Washington Square
8th Street (N R)
West 4th Street (A B C D E F Q)
Speakers:Prof. Zhang Xudong 眎Π狥, FAS, East Asian Studies, NYU, moderator
Mr. Yang Li 法ミ, Esq, New York, Yu's Case, From Legal Point of View
Ms. Chao Suhsia 化睶獿, writer, An Analysis of Yu Dafu's Emotional Life
Prof. Jeffrey C. Kinkley ざ╦, St. John's Univ., Yu Dafu and China's Modern Consciousness
Prof. Peter Li 蚌紈 , Rutgers University, Yu Dafu: The Romantic Patriot
Chair: Sam Chen 朝舅い, Kevin Chiang 瓣马, MD
Honored Guests:The Yu family representatives
Special Guests:Prof. T. K. Tong 紈, historian, Prof. Emeritus, CCNY
Ms. Tsung Su 翺礵, writer
Mr. Tingchuen Wang 供秜, writer
Mr. Timothy Tung 赋供, writer and commentator
Sponsors:Alliance in Memory of Victims of the Nanjing Massacre
Chinese Alliance for Memorial and Justice
Chinese Oral History Association
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in New York
New Jersey Writers Association
Diaoyutai Research Center (New York)
China Development Fund

A young, talented writer of the 20s thru 40s,Yu Dafu disappeared from a party in Indonesia, where he was a refugee and was never seen again. That took place on 29 August 1945, two weeks AFTER the surrender announcement by the Japanese emperor, Hirohito, the formal end of the WWII.

Most believed the Japanese murdered him, because he knew too much of the war crimes during the Japanese occupation, when he was forced to serve as interpreter for the Japanese military police. In 1985, Prof. Masao Suzuki of Yokohama searched and found a Mr. D, the unit leader of the Japanese military police in Indonesia, who confessed that he had given the order to kill Yu.

The news story was reported in China and overseas. Not much thought, however, has been given to the possibility of determing Japan's responsibility for the criminal act and obtaining possible compensation. This meeting will mark the first time this possibility will be explored and discussed.

It is suggested a Yu Dafu Memorial Fund be established in memory of the great writer and for investigating the responsibility of Japan as the perpetrator of the act.

For more information, please call (212) 279-7426.