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People who were at the 1999 reunion
People who were at the 2000 reunion
People who were at the 2001 reunion
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98th Div

The sole and purpose is to contact any and all personal from the 98th Training Division, 3/392/3 out of Binghamton, NY. Please read and enjoy this page.

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I have moved some of the information that was here has been moved to a new page, just to make room for updated information for passed year and the upcoming year.


We all know what the American Flag stands for.

On July 29th, 2000 we had the 3rd annual reunion. And I'll be damned if there wasn't about 20-25 people there. Now that this reunion is in the 3rd year, we will start expecting more people to show. I must have made 150 phone calls. And for what, to only have 20-25 people to show up? I have a roster I made up myself from old alert rosters....I have over 200 people on this one roster. I would love to see 200 people at the reunion. If you need info, there is contact information below.

Here I am again, writing about the 2001 reunion. On July 28th, 2001, we had our 4th annual reunion. It's pretty awesome the reunions have gone on this long. Now that we have hit the 4th year, we have to make the 5th annual reunion better than all of them. More people, lot's of food, games, etc. Fran Swartz has done an excellent job setting up his place for us to use, and I (I being Andrew) doing all the paperwork and phone calls.

Hey ya'll, I ain't even going to get into the 2002 reunion. We had less people show up than any of the other reunions, it was mainly my fault because the letters that I had made up weren't sent out until the early part of June, and a lot of them had gotten returned because of wrong addresses. Like I have done for past reunions, I will put a list up of people who did show.

Prisoner of War; Missing in Action - You are not forgotten.

Organizers of the reunion association (These are also the people to contact if you need information):

SSG Georganna Gates, Ret (President)

SFC Leonard Tower Ret, (Adviser)

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