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Remembrance of Columbine Senior High School

Hello. I am from the Class of 1984 at Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado. Columbine, was the best high school throughout the Denver area when I attended there. It still is! Though I am very angry and upset by what has happened, I am still VERY proud to say that I attended Columbine! If this tragedy took place at Columbine, it could happen at any school, anytime, anywhere! We must all try to figure out as a country and society, what we might do to prevent such a tragedy from taking place and happening ever again and to detour copycats. Already, there have been school closings every day since this has happened in my area due to kids who think it is either funny or they use as an excuse to get out of school! Nevertheless, they are bieng taken seriously and fourteen year old kids are bieng charged with these crimes! School days are bieng added on, proms cancelled and maybe even graduation ceremonies! I am sure that it is not only around my city. People must be educated about the seriousness of this tragedy! Parents, educate your kids. Get involved! Lets Stop the hate.....

More to be updated soon....Greetings to ALL of my new re-united classmates from the class of 1984! There was an unplanned reunion in Colorado in light of the tragedy. The 'onelist' brought us ALL together once again....'We Are ALL Columbine!'

This was a very sad and horrible tragedy that has happened at Columbine and has affected me personally, as i am sure that it has been felt by all, from all over the world. It should not have taken place, but it did. I am glad that 'Columbine Senior High School'will stand and not be demolished. It is a symbol of remembrance, greatness and excellence! You can not demolish and forget what has happened, but we can all come together, heal and give remembrance that it may never happen again! Any support is greatly appreciated by all concerned!

More to be determined in this site.... (Note: Any questions/and or comments can be sent to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page or, from 'Ulrickastle,' which is the homepage of this site. A link 'Home' can also be found at the bottom of this page. Or, sign the 'Dreambook' and share your thoughts. This book just placed on 4-28-99/this site posted on 4-23-99)

Please visit the Rocky Mountain News site for more-extensive information about Columbine High School. Or, click 9NEWS for the 'breaking news' story of the day as well as updates. Thank you. (Web-ring links are at the bottom of page)

Columbine Colors: I have had many questions on this. These are my school colors: Navy-Blue/Silver Ribbon of peace and remembrance....

I hope the information provided here, helps a little. Thank you!

Would you like to know how to help?

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Those who died Tuesday , April 20, 1999 at Columbine...

Here is a list of the 15 people who died in the tragedy at Columbine High:

Cassie Bernall, 17. A junior, she often studied during the noon hour in the school library -- site of the worst violence.

Steve Curnow, 14. The freshman wanted to be a pilot and was looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars movie.

Corey DePooter, 17. An All-American boy, his 15-year-old sister fled from the massacre unharmed. He was a junior.

Kelly Fleming, 16. She was an aspiring songwriter and author who wrote scores of poems and short stories.

Matthew Kechter, age unavailable. The sophomore had good grades, played football and "everyone loved him."

Dan Mauser, 15. A sophomore, the straight-A student ran track and wasn't shy about hugging his mother.

Daniel Rohrbough, 15. The freshman was shot down outside the school as the two gunmen began their rampage.

William "Dave" Sanders (teacher and coach), 42. The longtime coach and teacher put himself in the line of fire while shepherding at least 100 students to safety.

Rachel Scott, 17. A junior, her red Acura Legend parked outside the school was covered with flowers and balloons as a memorial.

Isaiah Shoels, 18. The wise-cracking senior was a bodybuilder who dreamed of becoming a music executive like his dad.

John Tomlin, 16. The sophomore was described by his father as "a perfect son."

Lauren Townsend, 18. A senior, she loved animals, Shakespeare and volleyball.

Kyle Velasquez, 15. Information about Kyle was unavailable Thursday.

[ All Updates, past and present on the Victims Hospitalized from Columbine-and a response from the class of 1984! ]

Those who died Tuesday , April 20, 1999 at Columbine...

"A Poem For Columbine High School"

Subj: For Columbine High. This was passed on to me through e-mail from Littleton CO., so i thought i would pass it along to everyone else and place it on this site. I have left the author on as requested. There is also a link to a very good site posted below that was also sent to me through e mail from a friend. Please visit that site also. Thank you!

A Personal Note:

This will no doubt make you cry but the sentiment and prayer is too touching not to pass along. Please don't forget to keep your headlights and porch lights on today through Sunday in memorial. Also, feel free to copy this. If you do pass it on leave the author's name attached so she gets credit for this poem. Thank you. (Photo, courtesy of 'Morganlafey'thank you!)

"To Littleton, from God: April 21, 1999."

Dear Parents, Friends and Loved Ones, Of these precious youth you've lost, I see your broken spirits, I know the terrible cost. Though evil reigned at Columbine, And horror filled the air, I wanted all of you to know, I left Heaven and came there.

I summoned Heaven's Angels, Long before the call came in, To share the dreadful warning, Of what would soon begin.

The angels' wings were folded, They knew what was to come, When I said, "I'll lead this mission." They followed one by one.

"I will go and get these babies, And bring them home with me, Where they'll live in Heaven's Schoolhouse, Where it's safe and terror free." Yes, I've prepared a Special Schoolhouse, It stands out from all the rest, The Welcome Mat reads, "Columbine," It's reserved for Heaven's best.

I was hovering all around them, In the Library and the Hall, When the evil forces entered, Your children heard me call.

I wrapped my arms around them, Pulled them close unto my breast, "I've come to take you with me, We must go and leave the rest."

"Your friends will long remember, All the cool times that we shared, And the Angels will remind them, How very much you cared."

Yes, I took those precious children, In the twinkling of an eye, We were on our way to Heaven, To their Schoolhouse in the sky.

I know your hearts are broken, I know the pain you bear, My heart is also broken, By the evil everywhere.

Please help me fight this battle, To keep our children safe, Through prayers and love and sharing, And holding to the Faith,

That Peace will surely reign one day, In schools throughout the lands, For all our future hopes and dreams, Rest in our students' hands. I'll give you peace to fill your heart, Send sun to break the night, Provide the strength to move beyond, The wrongs and do what's right.

You ask how I can know your pain, From the loss of your dear one, It's because it seems like yesterday, When I, too gave up a Son.

For all of you so far away who have this day been forced to sacrifice your own flesh and blood for such a senseless act. As a mother and Grandmother, I had to tell you in some way how much my heart hurts tonight.

Fran Maiers; Rochester Hills,

Facts: About Columbine Senior High School

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Remembrance of Columbine Senior High School
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