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Ty Miller's Biography

The following biography was taken from an official "TYR" press kit sent out by ABC. This information is not to be used or borrowed without my expressed written permission. Thanks! :-)

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Ty Miller portrays The Kid, the moralistic and sensitive Pony Express rider. A young man of few words, The Kid is decent, simplistic and kind hearted. However, The Kid is still confused by his occasional feelings of jealousy, the aftermath of his year-long relationship with Lou (Yvonne Suhor). But while the two are no longer involved, they remain the best of friends.

Born in Southern California to an artist mother and a businessman father, Miller caught the acting-bug while enrolled in the Entrepreneur Program at the University of Southern California. He began in local commercials and soon found himself in a series of national spots. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Miller began an intense study of acting.

His television credits include a regular role in the series "Hotel" as well as guest appearances on "Highway to Heaven," "MacGruder and Loud," "Growing Pains," "Valerie," "Our House" and "Easy Street." Miller also appeared in the television movie "Not Quite Human II" for the Disney Channel and NBC's "To My Daughter" starring Rue McClanahan. He also appeared in the daytime drama "General Hospital." Miller's film credits include "Slaughterhouse Rock" for Taurus Entertainment and "Choices" for Disney.

During his busy hiatus, Miller spent a week guest-hosting "Beach MTV" which was filmed in both Oregon and Playa Del Rey, Calif. He also received the chance of a lifetime to fly with the Blue Angels Air Force Tactical Flight Team. Miller also managed to find time to travel extensively throughout Bali and Singapore with a celebrity golf and tennis tournament.

When not in Arizona filming, he enjoys singing and playing the guitar (he has written a few songs), scuba diving, jet skiing and long distance mountain bike riding.


Here's a quick trivia fact... what TYR guest-star did Ty once date? The answer is... Sarah Buxton who played Celinda in the episode "Kansas" (and is now Annie on Sunset Beach)!

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