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Welcome to Tarantula Central!

The HitOmeter is new so it was counting since 4/21/00.

New site of the week: TarantulaRangler- Check it out at my link section.

I specialize in Rose Hair and Pink Toe Tarantulas. I have or will have many articles on how to keep tarantulas in general, a Chilean Rose Hair care sheet, Pink Toe care sheet, more care sheets, more to come, News section, links, a huge picture gallery, a news letter, a communication corner with message boards, a chat, quizlets, another guest book, an egroup, an e-mail list, and polls.

I have Tarantula Central News, with events, tarantula news, news about this site, about my collection, and more!

If you wish for your deceased tarantula to be added to my tarantula memorial page please e-mail me the following information:

Your tarantulas name

Your name

A line or two about it

And maybe a picture of it if you have on available

I am working on my gallery now. My gallery will be the biggest and best tarantula gallery ever! It will have pictures on many tarantulas. Send in your pictures with your name and a line or two about the pic. One day maybe it will be a world record!

Also I have some games on the bottom of this web site, check them out.

Have fun!

Tarantula Central Communication Corner with Chats, Message Boards, Polls, an E-mail List, Quizlets, And Another Guest Book

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