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Tribal Warfare is back under new administration... November 30, 1999

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I'm probably going to change the site over to a tripod account so I can put much more for you on the page. I sincerely appologize for not having any thing else up yet, angelfire has limited space and tools to upload files and scripts. Please bear with me I WILL get this thing up and going.


Tribal Warfare is back under new administration... October 23, 1999

I have gotten some work done now,it shouldn't be much longer till i've got this thing up and runnin.I may not update for a couple of days so bear with me,please... if you have any suggestions please e-mail me at


Tribal Warfare is back under new administration... October 22, 1999

Well,we are back but under new administration.We will soon have much more added to the files section,including a monsterous number of skins and maps along with many new scripts.Just keep an eye out,there will be much more to come:)


I'M ALIVE! BUT T.W. ISN'T... April 13th, 1999

Wow. I remember this page. Yes I mysteriously dissapeared from the webmaster position of Tribal Warfare On April 13th, but I'm back... for about 5 min. After months of waiting I figured you should be told that I am not very interested in Tribes anymore. I have accepted a news updater position at Ultimate Gamez Interactive and I am working on a Team Fortress 2 web page. If you would like to take over Tribal Warfare, email me at Later all and maybe i'll see you when tribes 2 is released!



An unsupported release of the Tribes Tools have been released! Here is what Blue's got from TribesPlayer's:

Below is the link to download the TRIBES tool kit. Please be aware that this is a non-supported release; in other words, we give you these tools "as is", use at your own risk. This is by no means a required download, that is, this is not a patch. It's a collection of tools and utilities that we used to create objects and missions for TRIBES. If you aren't interested in creating your own missions, or customizing the graphics in the game, don't bother downloading this. For a listing of the tools included in this package, along with short descriptions of their functions, please examine the readme file before downloading.

I will have the tools and readme on the DL page soon.



Yes I know it has been a while since my last news update. I realize they have been coming in less and less. So I have a question for all of you... or at least those who are left and still visit... I need another news updater so if you want to be one e-mail me.

For us modem users that play Tribes, PlanetStarSiege recieved an e-mail from someone saying that if you create a new dialup connection and disable error-correction and data-compression your lag will improve significantly. As soon as I try it I'll let you know.

Also GIB (formerly known as GSL) is looking for recruits! E-mail IggyBoo if you want to try out!


MY NAME'S NOT RAPPAPORT! April 7th, 1999

Hey kiddies I know this isn't Tribes related but TFC was released today and since all the servers are clogged I'll let you in on a little secret: This Page has open servers! Have fun!


SITE NEWS April 5th, 1999

I've decided to make some decisions about Tribal Warfare. My decided decisions are this:

1. I am not going to include news about updated strategy guides for Tribes. This is because there are so many guides and a few pages that cover them specifically.

2. I am not goign to include news about maps except official info and very popular map packs. This is for the same reason as #1.

3. I plan to have a comprehensive Tribes Modification guide up on Tribal Warfare. From what I have seen no one has done this and I think it would be a valuble thing to have.

4. Oh yeah I am not going to post news about reviews of Tribes because you all know how much it kicks ass!

Other than that the Tribes community isn't too lively today. See you all tomorrow!



Hello again it is your fine feathered friend psychochicken. In site news Tribal Warfare has hit 5000 visitors! Yeah! I would really like to publicize this site more so if you can help e-mail me. Also see The Matrix! It is one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Ok I have been out of the loop, so to speak, for a few days and I am very confused on this 3.1.12 patch. Can you explain it to me? I know it is some sort of beta patch but what does it contain?

Also if anyone from Tribes NZ is reading this please e-mail me! I have been trying to get a hold of one of you but I am not getting any reply!

I would like to do a strategy section here at Tribal Warfare so if anyone is interested in helping me put one together, once again e-mail me.


ALIENS. AHEAD. SPREAD OUT. March 29th, 1999

After a great weekend in Washington D.C. I am finally back! And I apparantly haven't missed too much stuff. Well here it goes!

Okay I know I have been talking about the 1.4 patch but I was wrong, the 1.4 patch is really the 1.3.11 patch. According to Dynamix it is 98% complete with 80% of the testing done.

I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but PlanetStarSiege reported that Datumplane has a new "dear abby" sort of page up called Ask Prometheus.

The tribe I belong to G.S.L. has officially changed its name to GIB (as in the quake 2 flying body part) after the person who created the name left the tribe. I will update the GSL button soon.

the D0gz Pack has a new version of Tribestats out. I will add it to files soon. It is a server side statistics program.



I have some bad news: no updates until next Monday. I will be away in Washington D.C. until Monday afternoon, so this should be a fairly big update. Also no update is guaranteed on Monday, because I may not have time I have so far 3 tests next wednesday before the Holiday vacation.

First of all I have to say I downloaded the Kingpin demo (105 megs on a 56k, wow!), and I am very impressed. I wouldn't call it amazing but you should definitly play this demo. But rather than downloading it, it may be wise to wait until it comes to a magazine cd.

A new version (1.4) of Permaban has been released. I am not sure what this is (it caught my eye at PlanetStarSiege) but I beleive it is server admin tools. I will update the files and links section today.

Cowboy Hud has just been released. This is what they had to say over at P.S.:

I've updated the CowboyHUD (aka EGO-BOOST) script... Basically, it shows you in a temporary HUD who you just killed, if it was a Team Kill, and what weapon you did it with. It 'attaches' itself to the bottom of the PrestoHUD, and only displays temporarily. It doesn't overlap the TeamHUD, is movable, and won't block your view! Enjoy! Requires PrestoHUD, tested with 0.92

According to Datumplane, the Tribes tools are coming along very well and should be released fairly soon.



KillerBunny from PlanetStarSiege is getting pretty pissed about all these cheating complaints. Lets get this straight: THERE IS NO CHEATING IMPLEMENTED IN TRIBES AND NO CHEATING "SCRIPTS"

Also about scripts, I am fairly unfamiliar with them, so if you could e-mail me and explain them I'd greatly appreciate it.

By the time you read this I have probably entered Tribal Warfare in the Tribes Links Database, and I'll see how much traffic it brings in.

Also remember that Mr. T voice pack? Well I spotted at P.S.S. that there is now a Monty Python Voice Pack! I'll add it to the files soon.

Also as you probably noticed I have been putting pointless phrases in the news headings. Should I keep doing this or put real news in the headings? Tell me.


DID YOU RINSE AND REPEAT? March 20th, 1999

Tweak 3d has a Tribes Tweak Guide up! They do great tweaking guides so I suggest you check it out.

Gatther 'round kiddies, you can head over to The Forge and get yourselves a complimentary skin/emblem pack! That's right for free!

That's all folks.

Also Tribal Warfare is approaching 4000 hits! Yeah! Rock on! No one seems to care! I feel like an moron! For typing all this stuff! Wow! I'm an idiot.



Hey sorry guys for the recent lack of updates I have been really busy recently with school mostly. I have so much work to make up after having the flu for 5 days.

A new Insomniax Mod was released. They are now at version 0.7!

Hey get your hands on the new Mr. T Voice Pak! Yeah! It is a link from PlanetStarSiege and I will add it to files soon.

Some sort of unorganized/unaffiliated Tribes games thing has started. It is for players with no Tribe. I'm not so sure what it is as I haven't had time to check it out so why don't you head over there now?


TRIBES 2 March 17th, 1999

Hey a slew of new Tribes 2 info is out today my personal favorite being that it is hardware acceleration only! Woo-hoo! Also accordin to MGO it will be out in May of 2000.

Saw over at PlanetStarSiege this bit of an interview with Scott Youngblood:

MGON: What are some of the key enhancements from Tribes 1 to Tribes 2?

Scott: The terrain is going to be changed a lot; no more 'growing' mountains and obvious visual changes will be present. We're coding a new terrain engine that is possible of creating much more life-like scenes, including rough-looking areas, like ridges. Also, we'll be able to put water in the levels as well

There is more over at MGO.



Alright everyone you know how people are always writing guides for light armored people? Guess what now for a change of pace. David Lyons has a guide for mortaring up. Check it out here. It is an excellent guide so what are you waiting for?!

Also Tim Gift updated his .plan concerning the new patch. It is due out pretty soon with beter OpenGL and a map editor!

Some Tribes tabs for gamespy were released. Thanks PlanetStarSiege.

And some Tribes Administrator Tools have also been released. These let the administrator do a bunch of handy dandy things.


TNT2, VOODOO3, I FEEL CHEATED!!! March 14th, 1999

Ok I bought a brand new viper v550 only a month and a half ago and already the viper v770 is approaching it's release. What gives?! I hate the video card industry.

Not much in Tribes related news today. But I saw something over at PlanetStarSiege that was interesting. Apparantly Dynamix originally had wind factors programmed into Tribes. They decided to omit them from the final game but did not remove the code for it. So mod developers may be able to find this code and use it in their mods! Cool!


RAGE 128, BROADSIDE, IM STILL SICK. March 13th, 1999

Hey sorry for there being no news update yesterday but I am still sick with the flu (4 days and counting). This really sucks because now it is cutting into my weekend!

A fix for the DM level in the latest Extreme map pack has been released. Apparantly without this fix all the weapons are stuck in the floor.

Rage 128 support is coming along really nice according to Dave Moore in his .plan update.

The results of the Broadside vote were to keep it the same. But no one told me exactly what changes were made! Do you know? If so e-mail me.

And finally GSL tribe has a practice today. Interested in joining? Then click the GSL button on the Toolbar.


NEWSFEED March 11th, 1999

Man do I feel like shit. I've been home w/ the flue for two days now and I barely have enough energy to do this. But here goes the news update for the 11th of March.

A new mod called Devious Land has just been released. PlanetStarSiege has a whole lot of info but it may be easier just to go to the mod's homepage.

Another Extreme map pack has been released. Check out screenshots over at PlanetStarSiege. You can also dl the maps (server side only) here.

Even though I am still sick, the webmaster of The Lone Gunmen has just gotten better. He updated his downloads page with quite a bit of new stuff.



Hi myself along with other Tribes site webmasters recieved this letter from Gamespot UK, confirming that there was cheating in at least one of it's recent action game polls:

GameSpot UK has decided to suspend our 3D Action Election. Clear evidence of cheating in the Team Fortress Vs Duke Forever emerged from the logs On the Starsiege Tribes Vs Aliens V Predator Election there was no such clear cut evidence We apologise for the disappointment that has been caused by some individuals, that has spoiled the fun for other games fans

Version 1.3 of the Renegades Mod is out. So if you run a server, be sure to check it out, there is a very long list of updates that is too large to post here.

Also I have discovered that when Internet Explorer is used to view Tribal Warfare, there is a very large gap between the cell where the news is updated and the toolbar. It should only be a gap of 21 pixels.



tAng over at PlanetStarSiege has some interesting stuff to point out concerning the Gamespot poll containing some really unbeleivable number of votes casted in a short period of time. Clicko on the PSS link to check it out.

Also the Tribes Players DEV status page has been updated with new info about the upcoming tribes tools, here is some of it:

This is going to consist of an update to the TRIBES executable itself, as well as several "standalone" tool programs. The built-in mission editor will be snazzified, including a new "Terrain Wizard" that makes constructing new landscapes simple. The other tools included will allow you to process your own 24-bit source art for use in the game, so you can create your own tribe's logos to appear on bases and other buildings as well as a veritible passel of other uses

Also I am really not sure how up to date the links and files sections are right now so if I should add anything, please let me know. And also I am dissapointed in westwood for delaying TS again. Important followers and webmasters of TS are quiting because of boredom waiting for this game.


© 1999 Mike Brennan


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