Nielsen Ratings 1980-1985



(1)Dallas CBS
(2)60 Minutes CBS
(3)The Dukes of Hazzard CBS
(4)The Love Boat ABC
(5)Private Benjamin CBS
(6)M*A*S*H CBS
(7)House Calls CBS
(8)The Jeffersons CBS
(9)(tie) The Two of Us CBS
(9)(tie) Little House on the Prairie NBC
(11)Alice CBS
(12)Real People NBC
(13)(tie) One Day at a Time CBS
(13)(tie) The Greatest American Hero ABC
(15)Three's Company ABC
(16)Magnum, P.I. CBS
(17)(tie) Too Close for Comfort ABC
(17)(tie) ABC Sunday Movie ABC
(19)Diff'rent Strokes NBC
(20)Archie Bunker's Place CBS


(1)Dallas CBS
(2)60 Minutes CBS
(3)The Jeffersons CBS
(4)(tie) Joanie Loves Chachi ABC
(4)(tie) Three's Company ABC
(6)Alice CBS
(7)(tie) The Dukes of Hazzard CBS
(7)(tie) Too Close for Comfort ABC
(9)ABC Monday Night Movie ABC
(11)One Day at a Time CBS
(12)NFL Monday Night Football ABC
(13)Archie Bunker's Place CBS
(14)Falcon Crest CBS
(15)The Love Boat ABC
(16)(tie) Hart to Hart ABC
(16)(tie) Trapper John, M.D. CBS
(18)Magnum, P.I. CBS
(19)Happy Days ABC
(20)Dynasty ABC


(1)60 Minutes CBS
(2)Dallas CBS
(3)(tie) M*A*S*H CBS
(3)(tie) Magnum, P.I. CBS
(5)Dynasty ABC
(6)Three's Company ABC
(7)Simon & Simon CBS
(8)Falcon Crest CBS
(9)The Love Boat ABC
(10)(tie) The A Team NBC
(10)(tie) NFL Monday Night Football ABC
(12)(tie) The Jeffersons CBS
(12)(tie) Newhart CBS
(14)(tie) The Fall Guy ABC
(14)(tie) The Mississippi CBS
(16)9 to 5 ABC
(17)One Day at a Time CBS
(18)Hart to Hart ABC
(19)(tie) Gloria CBS
(19)(tie) Trapper John, M.D. CBS
(19)(tie) Goodnight, Beantown CBS


(1)Dallas CBS
(2)60 Minutes CBS
(3)Dynasty ABC
(4)The A Team NBC
(5)Simon & Simon CBS
(6)Magnum, P.I. CBS
(7)Falcon Crest CBS
(8)Kate & Allie CBS
(9)Hotel ABC
(10)Cagney & Lacey CBS
(11)Knots Landing CBS
(12)(tie) ABC Sunday Movie ABC
(12)(tie) ABC Monday Movie ABC
(14)TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes NBC
(15)AfterMASH CBS
(16)The Fall Guy ABC
(17)The Love Boat ABC
(18)Riptide NBC
(19)The Jeffersons CBS
(20)Scarecrow & Mrs. King CBS


(1)Dynasty ABC
(2)Dallas CBS
(3)The Cosby Show NBC
(4)60 Minutes CBS
(5)Family Ties NBC
(6)The A Team NBC
(7)Simon & Simon CBS
(8)Murder, She Wrote CBS
(9)Knots Landing CBS
(10)(tie) Falcon Crest CBS
(10)(tie) Crazy Like a Fox CBS
(12)(tie) Hotel ABC
(12)(tie) Cheers NBC
(14)Riptide NBC
(15)Magnum, P. I. CBS
(16)Newhart CBS
(17)Kate & Allie CBS
(18)NBC Monday Night Movie NBC
(19)Highway to Heaven NBC