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Here are our pictures:

  1. My son Arthur
  2. Jeff, Rosemary, & Arthur at Jeff"s promotion to Sergeant ceremony at 1 Police Plaza, NYC 4/98
  3. Jeff and Arthur at the Bronx Zoo 9/98 (We are the shorter ones)
  4. Me & Rosemary in F/O her parent's house in Queens Village
  5. Me & Rosemary on my Harley
  6. Arthur & Dad at Carvel
  7. Jones Beach
  8. Jeff hard at work on the desk (Candid shot by co-worker, summer '99)
  9. In front of the Station House
  10. Close up of above shot
  11. Me & Arthur at the Coney Island Aquarium (Feb 2001):
    Just arrived
    Deep in thought
    The redhead & the Dolphin
    The redhead & the Walrus
    Get Me down from here!!!
  12. Five pics of me and Arthur at Mineola LIRR Station (8/99):
    Arthur by an old diesel locomotive
    Art & Rosemary on W/B Mineola platform with old diesel
    Art by new LIRR locomotive
    Art & Rosemary by new bi-level coaches
    Art & Rosemary by the Main Street crossing and the Nassau Tower.
  13. Bring your child to work day, 4/02 just before retiring
  14. Some pics from our cross country car trip 8/03 just after retiring: (Not to Wally World!!!)
    Texas restaurant
    Me and Arthur Grand Canyon
    Me & Rosemary at Grand Canyon
    Us at Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Site
    Arthur with cactus in Phoenix
    Indiana Wants Me
  15. Shoreline Trolley Museum in East Haven, Ct-Where I am a member and active volunteer & motorman/tour guide:
    Me & Art with retired NYC Subway car 1689
    Official Volunteer Operator Picture
    Conductor Jeff operating the doors
    Art & Rosemary on museum grounds
  16. My High School Yearbook Pic '71 (bottom right)

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