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THE SARGE-Sgt Rosen's Homepage

HAPPY 2004!!!

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Rosen. I'm a recently retired sergeant with the New York City Police Dept. I retired in October 2002. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make and time will only tell if it was the right one.

I have a loving wife Rosemary, a 6 1/2 yr old son Arthur, and our latest addition, our newborn Eric. (yes, I have a newborn at 50!!) Eric was born on October 22, 2003. Me and Arthur sometimes take the train to NYC to bum around. We take the Long Island Rail Road to the city and spend the whole day riding subways to the Empire State Bldg, The Staten Island Ferry, FAO Schwartz, the Central Pk and Bronx Zoos, the American Museum of Natural History, the Coney Island Aquarium and many other places!! As a trainbuff I'm getting Arthur interested and we go to the NYC Transit Museum in Brooklyn, the Shoreline Trolley Museum in Branford, Connecticut (where we are members) and other Train Museums. At the Shoreline Trolley Museum I'm a volunteer motorman/tour guide there. It's a strictly voluntary job (no pay!!!) but how else could I get to drive antique trolleys and NYC Subway cars over a 1.5 mile track? Some people have model trains, I'd rather operate real ones!!!

I also have a 13 1/2 yr. old dog-a shepard/terrier mix-75lbs. named Ruffian (named after the famous filly who broke her leg and had to be put down in the famous match race at Belmont Park in '75.)

I ride with the Blue Knights NYX on my '91 Harley Police Special (I'm not a buff, I just like the bike) or my '82 Yamaha Virago 750 (riceburner)

Other times you may find me at the track where I am an expert handicapper who often loses his shirt.

I graduated East Meadow HS in '71, Nassau CC in '73 , Pace U. in '76 , and the Police Acad in '82-Always looking for old friends!!!

I may be in the Blue Knight chat room found on their homepage on my links below. Also, since I've always been a train buff (esp. subways & LIRR) I am frequently at the SUBTALK forum at nycsubwa

See ya!!!!

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  • I really didn't write too much about 9/11 on this site. This is not really what this site is about. There has been plenty of websites about it on the internet and I felt there wasn't too much I can add just for the sake of adding to it.
    As a proud New Yorker, a proud NYC cop, and a proud American I was deeply affected by it. I lost several friends in the attack, including two Police Officers I worked with, Ronnie Kloepfer and Tim Roy. One of the kids on my block when I was growing up, Danny Brethel, a captain in the Fire Dept was also killed. There are probably other people I knew who were killed in the attack.
    Several days before the attack I took my 5 yr old son to a minor league baseball game in Staten Island. (the Staten Is Yankees) We had seats behind home plate and directly in front of us behind the center field wall the twin towers stood prominently. I pointed them out to my son there and on the ferry back to New York. I have no idea how I can explain what happened to the buildings the next time we go there.
    As a cop I spent many an hour at ground zero, an experience I'll never forget. I will also never forget how really great people have been. I am in awe of the thousands of people who travelled great distances at their own expense to volunteer and help out. I also have the deepest respect for our troops oversees fighting to root out terrorism. Lets all pray for their safety and for a speedy victory.

My Loves and interests

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