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Paul's Wellness Center
...a balanced approach to healthy living.

           Live well, Love well

Balance is the key to leading a healthy and positive life. We must balance our lives in many ways; our jobs, our families, our relationships, our physical and emotional well being. If we lack balance in any area of our life, that imbalance will show up somewhere, negatively. Thanks to the insistence and support of my two sisters, April and Suzette, I enrolled in The Landmark Forum, a powerful seminar that changed the course of my life. I am grateful to them and I too share the Forum with many others I care about. Nutrition: Eat right. It's just to damn easy not to though. I have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes so balance is crucial. I try to feed my body, not my appetite. Food is fuel and although we can at times eat for sheer pleasure (like at the Sushi Bar), we should strive for balanced nutrition.

CreativityCreate, Create, Create. Draw, sing, write. Activities such as these keep us healthy and alert. We all work, we all play. It is also important to keep in touch with our creative child regardless of what the activity might be. Find a hobby. Everyone can color or draw or write poetry. It's true! Do it! Do it often and regularly. Write in a journal everyday. It will improve your outlook. I love doing charcoal drawings. I love drawing animals, but my favorite subject is drawing the human figure. I also love building computers, especially high performance fire-breathing machines with lots of memory and high performance processors. "Dude, I ain't gettin' no Dell"!

Exercise Vigorous and frequent. Exercise is the basis for well being. Without exercise, I really founder and my over-all wellness suffers. I continue to learn that for me, exercise is the most crucial component of the equation. It should become part of everyday living. Too often people look at it as a chore (I know I have), not as a pleasurable time out from the other things they do. It's body play. It burns calories, reduces stress, burns fat, and strengthens the heart.


Massage is a great way to loosen up, locate tight areas, promote well being. I love a deep massage especially after vigorous exercise. If you visit the Buffalo area, contact  Roth&Roth at (716) 564-1313.  Treat yourself to a deep massage soon. You deserve it!

   We all strive for happiness and fulfillment throughout our lifetimes. Along that journey, life will present us with many challenges. How does one live well consistently and and take tough times in stride? It is important to never lose sight of your own self worth. Re-affirm the fact that no matter how hard you try, there will be those you will never please. That can seem difficult at times.

    Hopefully you are finding life fun, challenging, and worthwhile. If you are experiencing difficulties, please read on. There are ways to handle difficulties that may arise. Stay focused on YOUR self worth, keep the faith, and KEEP YOUR COMMITMENTS.

    Stand in your word, let others know you are solid and dependable. The greatest personal growth you will ever experience will come from keeping your commitments, especially through the toughest of times. Do not let fear rule you, do not take things personal. Fear is the loss of power in your life, and when you make decisions resulting from feelings of powerlessness, you become even less empowered.

    Whatever your losses or difficulties may be, be sure to address the unresolved issues of grief, stay focused on your abilities and good qualities, and above all-DON'T GIVE UP ON THE ONES YOU LOVE. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I believe that some of that experience has impaired my ability to be vulnerable to and intimate with, those I care about. I have been fortunate to have many people, especially family, who invited me to grow, who didn't give up on me, and who stood by me. I am especially grateful to the three women I married. From them I have three beautiful sons and two step-sons. My wives, Sharon. Sue, and Eve in some ways have been my greatest teachers. My marriages and my divorces have always made way for more growth and more personal development. While, I still experience feelings of loss and sadness, I know that beyond my understanding, there are reasons for everything. Another thing that helps is, I LOVE being SINGLE!!!!!!!


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