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Letter to A Soul, A Love

….Can’t you see just what I am,

I’m just another lonely man,

I’m just like you……


Paul J. Greiner, “Just Today”, 1994


Dear Soul:


Who am I to ponder, what forces of nature, what balances of energy,

brought us together, in space and time, among millions, no, billions of souls?

Mere chance that we merged, unfettered by others, into one, into love?

Mere chance that we gave life to another, now to hesitate

and to wander divergent paths?

I dare not think that.


Mere chance that you appeared as a gift,

To illuminate that which needs healing in my life?

Mere chance that I appeared, as a gift,

To illuminate that which needs healing in your life?

What IS this pain I feel? What IS this space, now so unfilled, that it engulfs me?

Is it the balancing of energies, Karma, set into motion by me?

Is it the fruit of my own discord, played out without reason, mere chance?

Tell me. What are your needs? Are they so great,

That you deny the miracle of what was and what may be possible?

Mere chance that you now choose that well traveled road? That easy passage?


Is there more, and we don’t yet know it?


Paul J. Greiner, 8/1/00