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Support the Troops  
Commander, 160th SOAR (A)
Bldg 7277 Night Stalker Way Rd
Fort Campbell, KY 42223-6012

Any Soldier Packages
A box about the size of a shoebox is best for mailing a package. Be sure to include a note addressed "Any Soldier" with your name and address to let them know that you appreciate what they are doing.
A lot of  the items listed are not readily available or are impossible to get in a war zone.  These soldiers will really appreciate all you can do for them.

Van De Camps Beanie Weenies- Beef Jerky -Summer Sausage -Ritz or Club Crackers
Squirt Cheese-Kool Aid -Vienna Sausage -Canned nuts -Fruit or Pudding Cups
Treet or Spam -Sardines -Hard Candy- Deviled Ham -Small Canned Ham-Chewing Gum
Homemade cookies-Handi-wipes