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What Is Philmont???????? Philmont Scout Ranch is a scout camp in Cimarron,New Mexico which is a camp where scouts from all over the world come and do one of the several backpacking treks of thier choice which is 10-12 days long.There are a lot of activities that are not found at other scout camps. Different activities are offered at various camps throughout the back country. The land where Philmont sits was given to the Boy Scouts of America as a generious offer from Waite Phillips along with a good sum of money to build a scout camp.The original scout camp is now Ponil one of the camps in the backcountry.Philmont also has a training center, Philmont Training Center where all the top executives are trained. So check out myTop Ten List
of reasons to go to Philmont

    My name is Dwight I'm 14 years old as of Friday May 28 and I'm also a Life scout with Troop 114 based in Baldwinsville. I am a brotherhood member in the newest lodge in New York Kayanernrh-Kowa Lodge 219
. I was lucky enough to have myPatch Design
chosen for our special edition patch. Baldwinsville is in Hiawatha Council. I am also the ASPL for my troop. I will probably have my Eagle by May. As for other scouting honors I have recieved Click Here
. As for the Philmont fun it has happened I went I, I saw I loved I know I will go back to this scouting paradise. I've been wanting to go ever since my dad told me his Philmont stories when I was a Weblos from when he went in '71.As he makes his return trip he has handed down things he brought to and purchased at Philmont. He has given me his old Philmont belt and buckle, and most important of all he has given me his memories. His photo's small 3"5" color and the crew photo was black and white.

    If there are any of you who want me to put your site on my site E-Mail me. My E-mail is at the bottom. Please explore the rest of my site using the buttons at left and don't forget to read the Philmont Hymn, and sign my guest book.

Philmont Hymn

Silver on the sage, starlit skies above. Aspen covered hills, country that I love. Philmont here's to thee, scouting paradise. Out in God's country tonight.

Wind in whisp'ring pines, Eagles soaring high. Purple mountains rise against an azure sky. Philmont here's to thee, scouting paradise. Out in God's country tonight.

    -The Philmont Hymn, Written by John Westfall

Check Out Philmont's Weather Click for Cimarron, New Mexico Forecast

And now for my home town's weather Click for Baldwinsville, New York Forecast

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Jason A. Cotting

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