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Welcome to Quality Of Life Support Programs Of New York City Incorporated homepage. As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) alternative media organization, we provide access, training and information to the mentally ill, racial minorities, and low income populations who lack access to the "public" airwaves.

Incorporated on March 4, 1994, the Quality Of Life Support Programs Of New York City is a full grassroots media service for individuals seeking to get their message through radio communications, cable television, print media and the internet. One of our projects ts called the New York City Network Channel 34. It is operated by approximately 10 stations each week: News Tuesdays and Tech Fridays from 9PM to 12 AM. Such information includes computer technology, current events in the news, business information and so on.

In the future, we plan to produce a cable television show. It will be gear towards the mental health community who regularly are stereo-typed and negatively represented over the corporate controlled airwaves. Another one of our plan projects is the production of a newspaper. It, too, will be directed to the mental health community who normally receives negative coverage through the corporate media. (Please visit my other page for advocacy related topics: HRAC). And last, an effort is being made to purchase a FCC radio license for a Lower Power FM (LPFM) radio station. With this new vehicle, we will have the chance to reach out to even a larger population who is ill inform on issues affecting them.



Quality of Life Support Programs Of NYC.

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Richmond Hill, New York 11419

Phone/Fax: 718/267/2872 Pager: 1917/983/6840