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Loehwing's Workshop

Step One
Schoolnotes account You should open an account with, if you haven't already.

Step Two
Using Simple HTML You can change how things look on your schoolnotes page by using a few simple HTML codes.
Simple Useful HTML Tags
Tag Example What it does
<font face="Times New Roman"> Times New Roman Changes font
<font size="5"> New Size Changes font size
<font color="red"> Red Changes font color
<b>Bold</b> Bold Makes font bold.
<u>Underline</u> Underline Underlines font.
<i>Italics</i> Italics Makes font italic.
Top<br>Bottom Top
Produces a carriage return.

Step Three
Establishing Links Now you're ready to put a link directly onto your schoolnotes page. Let's suppose you want to make a link directly to The web address is what you put between the quotation marks.
<a href="">Go here for schoolnotes</a>
This is what the above code would produce on your schoolnotes page:
Go here for schoolnotes

Step Four
Creating flashcards Let's suppose you are going to give a vocabulary quiz and you want your students to practice the vocabulary using flashcards. You can create these by opening an account at Once you create your flashcards, you copy the address of the website and paste it into the code from Step Three above.
Your final schoolnotes page might look something like this:

Students! Practice for the <font color="red">quiz <font color="navy"> on Friday. Click <a href="">here</a>
What you'll get when you save your schoolnotes page:
           Students! Practice for the quiz on Friday. Click here.
You'll find other examples of links embedded in my own schoolnotes page.

Step Five
Online Quizzes You can also create online quizzes at When you are in "Activity Manager", you'll see a tab at the top for quizzes. Follow the instructions for creating your quiz. Once your quiz has been created, it will be given a web address, which you can put on your schoolnotes page, just like you did in step four with the flashcards. However, it is also possible to have your students sign in when they take the quiz, and have their grades reported to you. You do that by creating a "Class Page" for the level you're teaching, Spanish 2 for example. Then you go back to the "Quizzes" tab and click on "Create session" where your quiz is listed. You name the session, "twinkle", for example. Then, instead of linking the quiz on your schoolnotes page, you link the class page, telling the students to click on "Session Log-in" with their name and the session name "twinkle". You then will have a list of students and their grades on your quia account. This is most useful if you take a class to the computer lab. You might also offer a bonus point on the real quiz to students who take the practice quiz at home and can score above a certain grade.

Step Six
Finding Links Is it necessary to reinvent the wheel? Are there web pages already done by other teachers that you might be able to link to? Of course!
French Pages
French Quia Activities
German Pages
German Quia Activities
Spanish Pages
Spanish Quia Activities

Computer Accent Marks
Use Funbrain if you want to create quizzes in which the students' results will be sent to you by e-mail. You won't need to establish a class page as you would in Quia.