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MS Word Notes
Microsoft Word Notes
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Picture/Text Wrap
Would you like to be able to insert a picture from the Internet and have text wrap around it? The way to do it is first to download your picture from the Internet and save it to your H drive. Then compose your Word document. When you are ready to insert your picture, go to the Insert menu, scroll down to "Picture" and
over to "From File". Navigate in the dialogue box to the picture you saved on the H drive and select it, then click on "insert". Your picture probably looks something like this. Ah, but you say you don't want big blocks of space on each side of your picture!

The next problem is to get the text to flow around the picture. In order to do that, you must go to the View menu, scroll down to the "Toolbars", then over to the submenu and down to "Picture". Clicking on "picture" should produce a pop-up tool bar that shows an icon that looks like a window shade with a yellow diamond. That's the "text wrapping" icon. Click on your picture, then click on the yellow diamond. When you click on the yellow diamond, you should get a pop-up menu with choices as to how you want the text to wrap around your picture. I recommend the selection "tight". Note that when your cursor is hovering over the picture, it changes to a four arrow "compass". By left clicking and dragging, you can position your picture anywhere you want in the text.