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Loehwing's Sub Plans

Last updated on: Dec. 19, 2000

French 8 (Per.1 Room A13, Per.3 Room B22)
We are currently studying Chapter 9. Workbooks should be passed out to the students (make sure each student gets his/her own workbook with his/her name on it), and they should do exercises 10, 11, 13, 15ab, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26 from Chapter 9 pp.101-108. Workbooks should be collected at the end of the period and returned to their original location. (Rm A13 – in corner on filing cabinet; Rm B22 – on shelf against north wall).

French 5 (Per.7 Rm 361 high school)
French 5 students read "La Bonne Surprise" part 2 pp.2-3 in the book Les Aventures du Petit Nicolas, which they have. They should also write Ex. A-B p.8. AP students should read Chapter 10 of Suivez la piste and answer the
online questions. Both groups should know what to do.

French 2 (Per.8 Rm 361 high school)
French 2 students should read Un été/7, the ditto packet located in the top right desk drawer. Then they should answer exercises A-B. This assignment will be checked on Thursday..

French 4 (Per.9 Rm 361 high school)
Students should read "Le Vol de la Joconde" Chapter 7 (ditto packet in top right drawer of desk.) They should also answer Ex. A-B. If time permits, they should review for tomorrow's quiz on pp.55-56 of their textbook.

Please make sure the door is locked when you leave room 361 at the end of the day.