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French 8 Test Description for 2/5/01

Part 1 Listening
Directions: Listen as Sylvie points out people at a party to Eric, a new student at school. Choose the person she is describing from those in the picture.
What to study: Study clothing vocabulary.

Part 2 Listening
Directions: Listen to the following statements. Decide whether a) the customer orb) the salesperson is speaking.
What to study: Comment dit-on...? pp.265, 270, 274

Part 3 Listening
Directions: Listen to the following people as they examine items in a store. Do they a) like orb) dislike the clothing they're looking at?
What to study: Comment dit-on...? pp.270, 274

Part 4 Reading
Directions: The following is an advertisement for the big sale at Euromarché. Read the ad and then decide whether these statements are a) true or b) false.
What to study: Vocabulaire p.261

Part 5 Reading
Directions: At the airport, five suitcases that look alike were lost. Each passenger made a list of articles that were in his or her suitcase. Match each list of contents with the correct suitcase.
What to study: Vocabulaire p.261. This section is mostly just lists of clothing.

Part 6 Reading
Directions: There was a poll on fashion taken at your school. Read what two students had to say. Then, decide whether the statements that follow would most likely have been made by a) Marc or b) Patricia.
What to study: General chapter vocabulary. The closest to this section is on p.269, the comments of Marie-Emmanuelle, Thomas and Aminata.

Part 7 Writing
Directions: You see below a series of four pictures that represent a dialogue between a customer and a saleswoman in a clothing store. Your task is to write the dialogue according to the pictures. Write one sentence for each line. Try to use a variety of vocabulary.
What to study: Ex.32 p.274. Try to write this dialogue in advance of the test.

Loehwing's rating of the test: Parts 1-6 easy, Part 7 "challenging".