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French AP Review

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University of Texas French Grammar Review
This is more than you ever wanted to know about French grammar. An excellent site!

Univ. of Texas Subjunctive
Detailed explanation of subjunctive with examples and interactive exercises. Very good site.
Le Subjonctif
Very basic explanation of subjunctive with charts.
Vassar Interactive Exercises
Choose the exercises on the subjunctive.
Allons-y Online Quizzes
Scroll down to Chapitre 11.
Simple explanation of subjunctive with easy exercises.
Quia Subjunctive Flashcards
Here is a sample: (écrire) Il faut que tu ___ la lettre.
Tu connais le subjonctif?
Multiple choice quiz that tests your knowledge of the subjunctive and other verb forms.
No clue subjunctive
Complete the sentence without the infinitive in parentheses. Here's an example: Il faut que tu ____ à manger au chat.

Explanation of Passé Composé vs. Imparfait
This explanation from the Univ. of Texas explains the difference between the two tenses, complete with examples that are translated into English.
L'histoire de Clark Kent
Scroll down to Chapter 9. Choose between the passé composé and the imparfait. When you click on your choice, confirmation or rejection pops up in the box, explaining the reason. An excellent beginning exercise on the imparfait vs. p.c.
L'histoire de Blanche Neige
Scroll down to chapter 9. Choose between the passé composé and the imparfait. When you click on your choice, confirmation or rejection pops up in the box, explaining the reason. Similar to the Clark Kent exercise
Vassar Online Exercises
Choose the passé composé vs. the imparfait exercises.
L'histoire d'un docteur suisse
You see paragraph in present tense. You write your answers on paper, then click "check answers" to see the paragraph changed to the past.
Le weekend passé...
Here are two paragraphs in which you see the verb in the infinitive form, and you choose between the passé composé and the imparfait. Then you click on "Réponses correctes" to see the correct answers. It's not interactive, but you can still test yourself.
Columbia University French Drills
There are very good interactive drills at this site. Choose Chap.3-4 for the passé composé vs. imparfait drills. You can also click on "Voc" for an explanation of the vocabulary in the example. This is a very good site.
Ithaca P.C. vs. Imparfait Drill
Somewhat interactive. You fill in the blank with the correct verb, then you click "Réponses correctes" to see the correct answers appear from behind the picture.

Imparfait Explanation Tex's French Grammar
Imparfait Vassar Online Exercises
Imparfait Swarthmore Interactive Exercises
Imparfait Loehwing's Online Quiz Secret word = Hauppauge
General Grammar QCM Online QuizzesSee how good your knowledge of French is. There are four levels, and even the "Débutant" level is challenging.
AP Grammar Mme Marin's AP ExercisesPick an exercise that begins with the letters AP.

Reading Practice
Enfant nègre poem:
online discussion

French Culture
A Digital Archive of Architecture
L'Architecture gothique
Medieval Architecture in France
Architectes See pictures of Le Vau, Mansart and Hardouin-Mansart.
French Architecture in Paris
Paris Monuments

French Schools
SUNY Cortland Civ Course

Claire Denis
Interview with Chocolat's director, Claire Denis
Film scenes
Summaries of scenes from the film
Bryn Mawr Study Questions
Study questions and clips from the film
Isaach de Bankolé
Interview in French with Isaach de Bankolé, one of the stars of Chocolat
Chocolat Review
Review of the film by Diana Sandars
Chocolat Article
Article on Chocolat by Kathleen Murphy
Movie Review
Review of Chocolat from the Bucknell French Department

Jean de Florette
Film review
Read Roger Ebert's film review of Jean de Florette
Jean 1
Corinne Wilson is a French instructor at Washington University in St. Louis. These questions in French will help you analyze the film.
Jean 2
Jean 3
University of North Carolina Center for European Studies background information on Jean de Florette (in French).
Jean 4
Quia exercise on Jean de Florette
Mme Satterlee's Jean de Florette Pages
Aubagne et le monde de Marcel Pagnol
Read about Marcel Pagnol, the author of Jean de Florette, and Aubagne, the town he came from and the setting for the film.
Dossier pedagogique
This critical study with analytical questions is in advanced French.
Movie review
Another movie review in English. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read it.
Yves Montand
Read about Yves Montand, one of the stars of Jean de Florette.

Au Revoir Les Enfants
Enfants 1
Enfants 2
Enfants Hangman