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French AP Review

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Grammar Review
Present tense
Quia flashcards
Present tense Swarthmore interactive exercises.
Present tense online exercises. In the pop-down menu, click on "présent."
Present tense University of Alberta

Imparfait Explanation Tex's French Grammar
Imparfait Vassar Online Exercises
Imparfait vs. passé composé Vassar Online Exercises
Imparfait Swarthmore Interactive Exercises
Imparfait Loehwing's Online Quiz Secret word = Hauppauge

Jean de Florette
Film review
Read Roger Ebert's film review of Jean de Florette
Jean 1
Corinne Wilson is a French instructor at Washington University in St. Louis. These questions in French will help you analyze the film.
Jean 2
Jean 3
University of North Carolina Center for European Studies background information on Jean de Florette (in French).
Jean 4
Quia exercise on Jean de Florette
Mme Satterlee's Jean de Florette Pages
Aubagne et le monde de Marcel Pagnol
Read about Marcel Pagnol, the author of Jean de Florette, and Aubagne, the town he came from and the setting for the film.
Dossier pedagogique
This critical study with analytical questions is in advanced French.
Movie review
Another movie review in English. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read it.
Yves Montand
Read about Yves Montand, one of the stars of Jean de Florette.