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French 4 Review

[Bonus] [Schoolnotes][Vocabulary][Grammar] [Reading Practice] [Droits de l'Homme] [Accents]

French Culture
Quelle Catalogue
Veux-tu voir des vêtements français? Voici le catalgue que Jerôme et sa soeur Axcelle ont regardé.
Ça commence aujourd'hui
On peut tout lire sur le film que nous allons voir le 20 mars à Huntington. Il y a même des clips du film.
Ça commence aujourd'hui - critique
Voici une critique du film en anglais.
Philippe Torreton
Voici des photos de l'acteur qui joue le rôle principal du film "Ça commence aujourd'hui". Il y a aussi un article sur lui et le film.
Francis Cabrel
C'est le chanteur de la chanson Il faudra leur dire..

Jean Jacques Goldman
Biographie courte de JJG.
Jean Jacques Goldman
Biographie longue de JJG avec des photos et une discussion de ses chansons.
Jean Jacques Goldman
JJG en questions. Facile à lire.

Vocabulary Review
Vocabulaire p.59
Quia flashcards for household chores.

Grammar Review
Univ. of Texas Explanation
Subjunctive Grammar Help OnlineHelp with the present tense subjunctive
Subjunctive Washington State Univ. explanations, forms of subjunctive.
Subjunctive Vassar College interactive exercises.
Subjunctive Quia subjunctive flashcards.
Subjunctive Quia subjunctive flashcards.
Subjunctive Quia subjunctive multiple choice.

Reading Practice
La Guinguette
This is a newspaper for students learning French. Each issue has three articles. one on news, one on society, and one on culture. You can listen to the article as you read it. You can also search the archives for past issues.

Daniela Späth
Daniela Spâth is a German exchange student who stayed with a French family in a small town in France. In this report, written in French, she describes the family, the school (including the lunch menu), and the town. There are many pictures, and the French is not too difficult.

Les droits de l'homme
This is "Human Rights Week" at Hauppauge High School. In class we will be investigating human rights in France by visiting the sites listed below. You will be divided into groups of 2-3. Early in the week you will visit the sites and gather information of interest to your group. Later in the week your group will meet with Mr. Loehwing to discuss what you have learned. (Be sure to print out pages that you want to discuss.) On Friday we'll have a short quiz based on "Le racisme dans mon quartier" (see site below.) Finally, your assignment for the weekend will be to write a one page composition about human rights in France.

L'arc-en-ciel: journal des droits de l'homme et de l'enfant
This site has articles, pictures, poetry…
Projet: Les droits de l'homme sur Internet
This project was done by some school kids in France and tells all about human rights in France. You'll even see a report on Martin Luther King.
99 Réponses sur les droits de l'homme
Part of the curriculum for "l'éducation civique", you'll find information about everything dealing with human rights in France, including women's rights.
Semaine contre le racisme au Lycée Louis Lachenal
Ours is not the only school to spend a week on human rights. Check out what this school did.
Racisme au collège
Here's an article from the French newspaper L'Humanité about a racial incident in a French school. See if you can understand what happened.
Le racisme dans mon quartier
Here's an account of how this young person experiences racism personally. After you read it, click on "quizz" and try the 5 exercises.