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French 2 Review

[Bonus] [8th Grade Review] [Schoolnotes] [Un été] [Grammar] [Reading] [Accents]

Vocabulary Review
Nouns from the Level One Book, Chapters 1-6
Verbs from the Level One Book, Chapters 1-6
Additional Vocabulary from the Level One Book, Chapters 1-6
Foods from the Level One Book
House/Bedroom Vocabulary
Places in town p.43
Chapter 3 Vocabulary
Chapter 3 Jeopardy
Chapter 3 Offering Food
Chapter 3 Food Quiz

Un été pas comme les autres (Jenny)
Un été/7: Put sentences in order.
Un été/7: multiple choice

Grammar Review
Passé Composé
This is an explanation of the passé composé as it is presented in the 8th grade.

Reading Practice
Pages Personnelles
These are the pages of individual students in an elementary school in Normandie. Their French is not too difficult.

Lunch Menu
This is the lunch menu from a collège near Poitiers in France. Can you understand it? What do you think of their meals?

Daniela Späth
Daniela Spâth is a German exchange student who stayed with a French family in a small town in France. In this report, written in French, she describes the family, the school (including the lunch menu), and the town. There are many pictures, and the French is not too difficult.


French school lunch menu
Another Frenchschool lunch menu
French high school cafeteria
French university cafeteria university cafeteria

Au revoir les enfants
Mme Satterlee, a French teacher at Horseheads H.S. in New York, assembled this page. It has background information about the movie, as well as questions to check your comprehension. Check it out!

Rue Cases-Nègres
Rue Cases-Nègres
Ma Tine et Jose
L'éducation de Jose
Le rapport entre Médouze et Jose
Léopold, l'ami de Jose
Field trip to see Rue Cases Nègres
Euzhan Palcy