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French AP Final Project 2002

Editor - The editor of each section will be responsible for assignments (so that two people don’t do the same thing) and for putting together the final page(s). Text will be sent to you as an attachment. You are to assemble all text and graphics for your section and publish it. The publicités section does not have an editor, as it is expected that each editor will accommodate one or more publicités on the page he/she is editing. The Horiscopes and Petites Annonces will be combined into one section under the responsibility of a single editor. Likewise the Monsieur Question and Courrier des conseils columns will be under one editor.

Your grade – Each newspaper section will carry a certain maximum point value (in parentheses below). You must volunteer for 70 points worth of assignments. In addition you will receive up to 10 points for your role as section editor and the class as a whole will receive up to 20 points for the newspaper as a whole, based on the judgment of our panel of judges. Since the editors are dependent on your timely submission of articles, there will be a reduction in grade for those articles turned in late. Copies of all work should be printed out and submitted to Mr. Loehwing on the due date.

Dates due
April 29: Horiscopes, Petites annonces, Publicité 1, Publicité 2
May 6: Courrier des conseils, Monsieur Question, Publicité 3, Publicité 4
May 13: Mon Travail, Commerce, Publicité 5, Publicité 6
May 20: Horiscopes, Décès/Mariages, Publicité 7, Publicité 8
May 28: Casses-tête, Tourisme, Publicité 9
June 3: Actualités, Op-Ed

Listed below are the various sections of the newspaper.

Décès/Mariages (5)
Horiscopes (3)
Publicités (10)
Actualités (10)
Petites annonces (2)
Op-Ed (10)
Tourisme (10)
Courrier des conseils (5)
Mon Travail (10)
Casses-tête (10)
Monsieur Question (5)
Commerce (10)

Monsieur Question
In this section the roving reporter asks a question to which people in the street respond. For example, the question might be "Le bonheur, qu’est-ce que c’est?" Each respondant would be a character from the story, responding "in character." For example, Mme Li might talk about the perfect spring day or the perfect cup of tea. Dédé Corti might talk about the perfect hotel room. Mme Richard might talk about her fantasy of being the queen of England. Note: the editor of this page should provide a thumbnail picture to go with each respondant.

Note: There is no editor for this section, as advertisements will be spread thoughout the newspaper. See M. Loehwing for your assignment.
A la mode de Paris
Cinéma Le Rex
Huile Soleil
Hôtel des Boulevards
La Chine Ancienne
Cabaret La Rose
Hôpital St. Jean
Agence de Voyages Intercontinentale
Agence Immobilière St. Jean Cap Ferrat
Cigarettes DuBellay
Supermarché du Centre (Genève)
Restaurant du Palais Royal
Bar du Dome

You are to write the obituary or wedding announcement as it might appear in the newspaper.
Dédé Corti
Docteur Genin
Henri LeMaitre
Fernande de Bisson

Mme Li/Agent 24

This is the "My Job" column that appears in the NY Times. You create an interview with one of the characters below about his/her job.
Mme Richard, concierge aux bureaux de La Société Soleil
Berthe Philibert, propriétaire de l’Hôtel des Boulevards, 199 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris
Mlle Danièle Noir, cassière, Cinéma Le Rex
Mme Sophie LeGant, vendeuse, A La Mode de Paris
M. Philippe Gaillard, inspecteur, Quai des Orfèvres, Paris
Mme Nicole LePlein, pompiste, Station Service La Côte, Route Nationale Six
M. Toni Montand, assistant personnel à la baronne de Bisson
Dr. Richard Genin, rechercheur, Hôpital St. Jean
Mlle Nicole LeVin, serveuse, Restaurant du Palais Royal

The editor of this section will decide if there are to be eight separate articles or just one or two articles with a number of writiers contributing to the story.
la mort de Dédé Corti
la mort de Fernande de Bisson
la mort d’ Henri Lemaître
Interpol découvre une organisation internationale secrète
Interview avec Jean Dacier
Interview avec Catherine Léger
Investigation de l’Hôtel des Boulevards
Investigation de la Société Soleil

The editor of this section will decide if there are to be separate articles or just one or two articles with a number of writiers contributing to the story. One article might be on how to get to Geneva, while another might be on where to eat in Paris. A third might be on vacationing in the south of France.
Destinations: Paris, Genève, St. Jean Cap Ferrat
Comment y aller: avion, train, voiture
Où rester: Hôtel des Boulevards, Villa St. Marc, Résidence Leman
Où manger: Restaurant du Palais Royal, Cabaret La Rose, Bar du Dome
Activités: Monte Carlo, cinéma Le Rex
Douane: les réglements

This is the page for editorials, opinion and letters to the editor. Possible topics are listed below.
Notre police – problèmes de communication?
Notre douane – font-ils leur travail?
Le tabac – trop de cigarettes en France?
Les hôtels du Boulevard de Clichy – Un scandale!
Places de cinéma – trop cher?

This is the business page. Interviews with characters below might yield stories about real estate on the Riviera, the condition of French cinema, or the problems of importing suntan oil to Switzerland. Interaview avec M. Jean Murano, importateur/exportateur suisse
Interview avec M. Henri Lemaitre, P.D.G. de la Société Soleil
Interview avec M. Antoine Cortelli de l’ Agence Immobilière St. Jean Cap Ferrat
Interview avec Mme Won Chu Li, propriétaire de La Chine Ancienne
Interview avec M. Georges Impair, croupier au Casino de Monte Carlo
Interview avec M. Stephane Spielbourg, régisseur, Films Soleil

Courrier des conseils
In this section people write in for advice. Here are some possible letters:
Catherine writes for advice about getting Dacier to use "tu" instead of "vous".
Toni asks about relationships with older women.
Danièle Noir (see travail above) writes about a cute guy who flirted with her at the ticket counter.
L’agent 24 writes about business pressures.
Fernande de Bisson writes about gambling addiction
Nicole LePlein (see travail above) writes about a husband who never wants to go anywhere on vacation.

This is the puzzle section. Possibilities include: Word search using vocabulary from the story.
Mots Croisés (might be difficult to do on computer.)
Trivia questions (l’âge de Dacier, l’adresse du Bar du Dome, le numéro de la chambre de Dédé Corti, etc.)
Message secret – Break the code to figure out the message (each letter in the message stands for another letter in the alphabet.)

In this section you are responsible for writing two horiscopes. Each horiscope would tie into the story in some way. Example: "Vous allez retourner d’un voyage et rencontrer une femme mystérieuse. Elle va vous laisser un message. Suivez-le."

Petites Annonces
This section would include both "personnals" and "classifieds." Here is an example.
"Perdus. Un paire de gants, laissés par accident dans le Bar du Dome. Noirs, en cuir, l’étiquette à l’intérieur dit "A la mode de Paris". Si vous les trouvez, présentez-vous à Catherine Léger, 70 rue de Port Royal, Paris."