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Poetry Bonus


You can earn from two to three bonus points on your quarter average by memorizing one of the poems listed below. You should choose your poem, then meet with Mr. Loehwing before school (8th grade) or after school (9th grade) to check the pronounciation of the poem. After you have memorized the poem, you will be asked to recite the poem in front of Mr. Loehwing. (Note: you are limited to one poem per quarter.)

Il pleure dans mon coeur... par Paul Verlaine
2 points In this poem the poet compares the pain in his heart to the rain falling on the town.

Pour toi, mon amour par Jacques Prévert
2 points In this poem the poet buys gifts for his love, then searches in vain for her.

Le Cancre par Jacques Prévert
3 pointsThis poem, "The Dunce" is about a boy at the blackboard in front of the class who revolts.

Sous le pont Mirabeau par Apollinaire
3 pointsThe Seine river flows under the Mirabeau bridge, a metaphor for life.