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La Gloire de mon père

The quiz on the film will be based on the questions below, that you must answer in English.

1. What talent does Marcel exhibit at a very young age?
2. There is a basic difference in philosophy between Marcel's father and Uncle Jules. What is it?
3. What does Marcel's father do for a living?
4. Where does Uncle Jules meet Aunt Rose for the first time?
5. Marcel and his brother Paul are concerned with women's belly buttons. Why?
6. Marcel's father laughs at a photograph that another man shows him. What is the other man holding in the photograph?
7. What does Marcel's father buy and repair before taking the family to the country villa?
8. What does Uncle Jules frequently give Marcel and Paul that their mother disapproves of?
9. How does Marcel help his mother during their walk to the villa?
10. At the villa when they get up in the morning, Marcel and Paul argue over who gets to do something. What is it?
11. What are Marcel and Paul trying to catch when an old man named Edmond comes upon them? 13. Why does the maid ask if it's okay to come out of the outhouse?
14. What does Lili think Marcel is trying to do when he first meets him?
15. What was Marcel's father's "glory"?