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French 4 Final Exam


The examination is divided into four parts:

The Listening and Reading sections are entirely multiple choice. The Speaking section is tentatively scheduled for June 7-9, the Reading for June 11th, and the Writing for June 14th. The grade on this examination will be averaged in with the four quarter grades to determine the student’s grade for the year.

It must be stressed that this is an examination in which you demonstrate what you have learned all year. There will not be a few review dittos passed out that you must memorize for the test. You will be given some picture stories to practice for the speaking test, but they will not be the actual stories used on the test. You should also listen again to the Suivez la piste cassette and review the vocabulary sections at the end of chapters 1-4 in your book.

The speaking test will consist of a series of pictures that tell a story. The student will have two minutes to say as much as possible about the story. The teacher may ask the student a few questions about the story.

The listening section is divided into five sections. What follows are the instructions for each section.

1. On the first day of school, you overhear these conversations in the hallway. Listen carefully to the conversations and decide whether the second speaker is a) enthusiastic or b) unenthusiastic.

2. Sébastien is celebrating his 40th birthday. As he reminisces about his life, put the events pictured below in the order in which he mentions them.

3. Listen as Sandrine and her cousin Philippe make plans for the weekend. Then, choose the correct completion for each of the statements below.

4. Nicole is reproaching the members of her family for their bad habits. Match each family member with Nicole’s reproach.

5. Listen to the remarks you overhear at a party. Decide whether each person is a) paying a compliment or b) responding to a compliment.


The reading section is divided into sections that involve understanding paragraphs or dialogues (and test your knowledge of vocabulary), and sections that involve your knowledge of grammar. There are 24 questions in the reading section and 11 questions in the grammar section. The reading selections are by no means limited to the textbook chapters. Rather they include vocabulary learned in Vieille Dame de Bayeux, Suivez la Piste, and French in Action. The grammar questions deal in large part with verb tenses and verb forms (8 of 11.)


The writing section deals exclusively with the Suivez la piste story. You will be asked to write about the various characters in the story and how they fit into the story. In this section you will be graded both on the knowledge you demonstrate of the story and your use of French vocabulary and grammar.