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Angelfire Course Resources

Don't be bashful about taking ideas from other teachers. Check out these sites, particularly Sue Silverman's.

Mrs. Silverman's 2nd Grade
This web site will blow you away. You can spend hours getting ideas from Mrs. Silverman. A technological marvel!

Mrs. Willis in Chico, CA
Mrs. Willis has some interesting parent links and kid links.

Rita Brinsonís 6th Grade
Rita Brinsonís 6th Grade class at McManus Elem in Chico, California.

Mr. Panek's homepage
Mr. Panek links his page to School Notes.

Fran Bertos in Northport
Fran Bertos from the Ocean Avenue Elementary School in Northport talks about herself, their daily schedule, and field trips.

Chelsea Brown in Northport
Chelsea Brown discusses her point system to encourage following the rules. She also gives you a tour of her classroom.

Web 66 School List
Want to see more schools? This is the place to start.

Before you begin constructing your web site, take a few moments to plan what your site will look like. The links below will help you in designing your site.

Website Workshop
This web site workshop has links that will help you build your own web site.

Beseen has free stuff (graphics, icons, etc.) for your web site.

Web Page Links
Links to help with Web page design.

Hazel's Homepage
Hazel is the vice-principal and Web editor at Marshall Elementary School in Lewisburg, Tennessee. She also does Internet Training Workshops for teachers.