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Le Château de Ma Mère

The quiz on the film will be based on questions that you must answer in English. There will be 20 questions, and you must answer 14 of the 20. You see below 10 of the 20 questions that will be asked.

1. Where had Uncle Jules just come from when he and Joseph embraced?
2. What did Uncle Jules bring to the family at Easter?
3. What was Marcel doing when he came upon Isabelle in the countryside?
4. What's Isabelle's father's real job?
5. What does Augustine do so the family can spend the weekends in the country?
6. How does Bouzigue convince Joseph to accept the key?
7. What happened when they encountered the gardner at the second château?
8. Why does Joseph worry about his son going off to the lycée?
9. How does Raspagnetto the potato seller figure in Joseph's future plans?
10. What happened that the family wouldn't be needing the canal key anymore?