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French Bonus Questions 31-40

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1. You must e-mail your answer(s) to M. Loehwing at
2. Only the first two winners per period receive points. They'll receive 3 points on a quiz. Maximum number of bonus points you can win per quarter is 15.
3. Click on the graphic to begin.

Bonus Questions
Bonus Question #31

Madame Claire Langevin plays a special role in Valentine's Day. What is her job and what does she do for Valentine's Day?
Per.1 Gagnante#1:
Per.3 Gagnant#1:
Per.7 Gagnante#1:
Per.8 Gagnant#1: Jesse C. Gagnante#2: Molly W.
Per.9 Gagnant#1:Jen K. Gagnant#2: Eddie S.

Bonus Question #32

In Chapter 11 Magali plans to go to a colonie de vacances. Visit the website of this colonie de vacances and find out where the kids in the picture are. (name of the pool, please!)
Per.1 Gagnante#1:
Per.3 Gagnante#1: Lana B.
Per.7 Gagnante#1: Jaclyn F. Gagnante#2: Nicole D.
Per.8 Gagnant#1: Jesse C. Gagnante#2: Melanie M.
Per.9 Gagnante#1: Jenn K. Gagnante#2: Erica B.

Bonus Question #33

You've decided to go hiking while on vacation in Europe. But can you read the signs? What does this sign mean, both in French and in English? You don't have too much time, so you choose the hike through Gonfaron. How long is the hike? While in Gonfaron you learn that it is famous as the country of flying _____?
Per.1 Gagnante#1:
Per.3 Gagnant#1: Melissa M.
Per.7 Gagnante#1:
Per.8 Gagnant#1: Molly W.Gagnant#2: Matt C.
Per.9 Gagnante#1: Erica B., Gagnante#2: Margaret P.

Bonus Question #34

In French 4 we've been studying about the hair salon and what services the coiffeur offers. As you visit the France In salon, answer these four questions:
1. Why is it named the France In?
2. What's the nearest Metro stop?
3. What's the cost of a men's haircut?
4. Which day could you get an appointment for 7:30?
Per.1 Gagnante#1:
Per.3 Gagnante#1:
Per.7 Gagnante#1:
Per.8 Gagnant#1: Matt C.Gagnant#2: Jessie C.
Per.9 Gagnante#1: Erica B. Gagnant#2: Eddie S.

Bonus Question #35

One of the pleasures of France is the food, particulary the pastries. What's the name of this one (in French), and what's its main ingredient (in English)? How much cream does the receipe call for? How long do you cook it?
Per.1 Gagnante#1:
Per.3 Gagnant#1: Brian L. Gagnante#2: Melissa M.
Per.7 Gagnante#1: Jaclyn F.Gagnante#2: Nicole D.
Per.8 Gagnant#1: Matt C. Gagnante#2 Molly W.
Per.9 Gagnante#1: Erica B. Gagnante#2: Katie B.

Bonus Question #36

In Chapter 5 of French 2 we study French schools. See if you can find the answers to these questions:
1. What is a cahier de texte?
2. What is a "délégué de classe"?
3. What is a "carnet de correspondance"?
4. Who would be the CPE in our school? (Click on Dossier 6.)
5. What uniform do both boys and girls have to wear in this school?
6. What's your punishment if you get caught smoking inside this school?
Per.1 Gagnante#1:
Per.3 Gagnante#1:
Per.7 Gagnante#1:
Per.8 Gagnant#1: Gagnante#2
Per.9 Gagnante#1: Margaret P.Gagnant#2: John or Christen