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aller + infinitive

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1. When do you use aller + infinitive?
When you want to express an idea in the future, you can use a form of aller (to go) and add the infinitive of the verb that expresses the action.

2. How would you say "I'm going to watch television."?
Je vais regarder la tÚlÚvision.
In the above sentence the form of aller is in green, and the infinitive is in blue and red because regarder follows the regular pattern of stem and ending.

3. Let me see this with all the forms of aller.
je vais regarder     nous allons regarder
tu vas regarder     vous allez regarder
il va regarder     ils vont regarder

4. I suppose this works the same way even if the infinitive is irregular?
Yes, indeed. Here are some examples.
Je vais lire.     I'm going to read.
Tu vas prendre un taxi.     You're going to take a taxi.
Elle va voir un film.     She's going to see a film.
Nous allons faire le devoir.     We're going to do the homework.

5. What if you want to say it in the negative?
It's easy. Just put ne and pas around the form of aller.
Je ne vais pas regarder la tÚlÚvision.
I'm not going to watch television.