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This is the home page of the legendary Spoiler, the 70's South Brooklyn Heavy Metal Champions and current Missouri Rock and Roll Champions...

In Memoriam

A Tribute to Osborne "Zing" Rampersad!!!

Johnny Favorite, having relocated to Independence MO in 2002, teamed with local bad boy "Mad Max" Anderson to form the Independence Wrestling Association. Their initial endeavors yielding little success, they turned their attention to rock and roll. Taking on the mantle of the notorious Spoiler, they opened yet another chapter of the infamous band legacy...

The Reformation

Spoiler 2005 made its debut at the Fairmount Community Center before a crowd of 100 senior citizens on Labor Day weekend. Along with drummer Kevin Frisbee, Favorite went through a three-song set that included "Sweet Jane", "Summertime Blues" and a keyboard original, "Copperfield Mothers". It was a quantum leap from the traditional presentation of Broadway Turk Superstar on vocals, with Favorite playing both guitar and keys. For a blast from the past Spoiler history, visit:

The Spoiler!!!

It didn't take long for the NYC Sewer Rat to get back to his roots. Weeks later, he and guitarist Bob Herod invaded an afternoon jam session at Knuckleheads in downtown KCMO and hammered them with rousing renditions of "No Fun", "Chinese Rocks" and "Anarchy in the USA". BT's vocalist performance left no doubt that he was back at his form of a quarter century before. Both shows, captured live, are the only existing Spoiler videotapes ever recorded. They also provide proof that the Spoiler, and punk, are far from dead.

In June 2006, Favorite and Dutch rocker Cowtown Joe joined for a rockabilly assault on downtown KC's Club Natasha. Running through a three-song block of Johnny Cash tunes "Folsom Prison Blues", "Ring Of Fire", "I Walk The Line", along with "Hound Dog" and "Love Potion #9", the videotapes demonstrate the driving power of Favorite's rhythm guitar and the unmistakeable tenor vocals defining the evolution of the 21st century Spoiler sound.

One year later, on 6/20/07, Favorite conducts a one-man scouting foray into downtown KC's The Brick. Taking to the stage for a four-song set, "You're In Trouble" is played in public for the first time. Repeated queries to the club's website go unanswered. Shortly thereafter, a cryptic letter to the club owner is sent warning of the Spoiler attacks on the Music Industry set to begin in the near future. The threats are repeated on an interview at KC Anthem, an Internet radio station, where Favorite and keyboardist Terri Thunders declare war against the Music Industry on DJ Jordan Russell's underground talk show.

"The Albany Massacre" of 8/18/07 finds Johnny Favorite and keyboardist Terri Thunders onstage at Breadeaux Pizza in the Albany Town Square before an unsuspecting local audience. The music reverberates over the square as Favorite and Thunders hammer through a 50's-60's cover set before slamming down the songs from "The Spoiler" CD. Pre-show publicity provided by a local radio station gave the audience little warning of the furious Spoiler onslaught, though the fans remained surprisingly enthusiastic and supportive throughout.

Another mysterious letter sent to the Record Bar in the Westport area results in the termination of the resident booking agent. It is rumored that the agent prevented the Spoiler from appearing at the high-profile rock club.

Johnny Favorite reappears on KC Anthem and issues a challenge on behalf of Broadway Turk Superstar and the Independence Wrestling Association to meet Kansas City Chiefs' All-Star tight end Tony Gonzalez in a match for Superstar's IWA championship. The proceeds from the charity event would go to institutions throughout the Independence area.

"The LM Alcott Massacre" on 9/29/07 finds Favorite blowing Ron Paul advocate Jesse "Southern By The Grace of God" Jeffers off-stage in a last-minute lineup change, with John Dunsmore on drums standing by helplessly after Terri Thunders abandons ship. The Spoiler guitar attack hammers the modern-day haunted house, silencing the other groups gathered for the scheduled Friday Night Jam on the lower floors. Jeffers later declares that Favorite "butchered" the all-time classics in the set list and completely overwhelmed the 45-watt PA system that he uses for an amp.

"Halloween Havoc" of 10/31/07 finds Favorite entertaining the residents at Pinnacle Ridge Nursing Home in Olathe KS during their annual Halloween social event. The NYC Sewer Rat brought smiles to the faces of the elderly as he swept through a Spoilerized 'Golden Oldies' set. Plans were made for a return visit during the Christmas holidays.

After a 15-month absence, Favorite returns to the KC music scene on 1/29/09 along with Terri Thunders and bassist Cheating Craig Tilton, making their debut at Blayney's in Westport. The Southern Man was in top form, introducing "Did He Die" for the first time before a KC audience as the highlight of their high-powered blues set.

The SPOILER followed up with their second attack in eight days on 2/5/09 at Tonahill's Lounge in Independence. Favorite, Thunders and Tilton rocked the Southern rock fans with a brutal blues rock set that featured their new song, "Back From Iraq". They announced on MySpace that this was the beginning of their Spring Offensive of the 2009 season, and more operations were underway.

The SPOILER continued their record-setting offensive by launching an attack on 2/9/09 at Crosstown Station on Mc Gee Street near the Sprint Center in KCMO, their third operation in eleven days. The filmed assault featured a five-song set by Superstar (introducing his Dead Rockstar character), Thunders and Tilton that included a reworked classic, "Eve of Destruction". The video, "The SPOILER Live at Crossroads", is now available through Spoiler Inc.

The SPOILER staged an attack on Paci's Lounge in North Kansas City on 2/18/09, hammering the audience with a furious four-song barrage highlighted by their new song, "Wine Bottle Blues". Favorite, Thunders and Tilton were able to overcome the ineptitude of house drummer Eddie Lozano, unleashing a whirlwind rhythmic assault in overwhelming the yuppie crowd.

Korruption was the site of the SPOILER's next attack on Thursday, 2/26/09, as Favorite and Thunders recorded their "Blue Magic" video. It not only marked the first all-blues performance by a SPOILER band but was also the first unaccompanied appearance by the duet since the Albany Massacre of 2007. The set featured their new song, "Nasty Girl Blues".

The SPOILER ended its springtime hiatus in launching their Summer Offensive at Californos at Westport on 6/8/09. The upscale yuppie bistro had its piano bar soiree interrupted by the onslaught which featured Terri Thunders' power version of "Riders on the Storm". Johnny Favorite discussed a return bout with the emcee that could possibly feature their new jazz-rock repertoire, something unheard of in the annals of SPOILER history.

Launching their Fall 2009 campaign, the SPOILER made a brief appearance at Tonahill's Three Of A Kind on 23rd Street in Independence on 10/7/09, marking the debut of drummer Ray Odell. Sound issues nearly caused Johnny Favorite to leave the stage in a fit of pique, aggravated by the fact that their set was cut down to two songs by the open mic sponsors. Despite the inconveniences, Odell and Terri Thunders were in top form in hammering the country/western crowd.

The SPOILER continued their Fall Offensive with a two-set performance at Fatheads and Braindeads Saloon in Grandview on 10/11/09. The SPOILER PA system was more than up to the task, delivering remarkable sound quality that rocked the seats of NFL fans in the nearby sports bar. They paid tribute to the biker crowd with their rendition of "Born To Be Wild", though it was "Back From Iraq" that earned them an ovation at show's end.

The KCK Massacre made SPOILER history on 10/18/09 as the TnT Gang pulled off two attacks in a single day. Starting off at the Speedway Grill in Bonner Springs KS, Terri and Turk hammered the pop rock crowd with "Back From Iraq" before soaring down the road for a secondary explosion at Bill's 32. They got the C&W aficionados on the dance floor with "Folsom Prison Blues" before nailing them down with "Wine Bottle Blues". It was their fourth performance in eleven days, breaking the record set earlier in the year by Favorite/Thunders/Tilton.

Another SPOILER record falls on 10/20/09 as the TnT Gang launches an attack on the Cedar Cafe in Parkville MO, marking their fifth operation in thirteen days. The classy college town bistro was rocked by Terri and Turk's four-song original set, highlighted by their new tune, "Any Way You Wanna Go". The Tri-City Terrors once again demonstrated their versatility during a mellifluous performance in a candle-lit setting.

The SPOILER returned to Crosstown Station on 10/28/2009 for a lightning attack that was once again hampered by Soundman Richard's ham-fisted efforts to communicate the TnT Gang's sound to the enthusiastic audience. The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions played their new song, "Pretty Boy Floyd", but could not gain enough momentum to get past the three-song set limit imposed by the hirsute soundman. "It's unfortunate that people like that are placed in positions of authority in clubs of that stature," a frustrated Superstar said afterward. "It's the same club politics that wrecked the NYC scene, and it's a damn shame to see it happen here in KC." It was the TnT Gang's sixth attack in three weeks, overshadowing their efforts during the Winter Offensive earlier this year.

The SPOILER hit another speed bump at the Hideout in North KC on 11/1/09 as they were unable to endure a three-hour delay in getting stage time from biker bar hosts Coyote Bill and the Hard Liquor band. BT Superstar fumed on the sidelines as Terri Thunders eventually got a chance to join in on a twenty-minute blues jam though being drowned out by blaring guitar soloists throughout the set. Terri's performance marked the seventh SPOILER attack in twenty-five days.

It was Broadway Turk Superstar's turn to go solo as he took the stage at the Office in Gladstone MO on 11/18/09. The two-part format featured an adolescent showcase and an over-21 jam, both of which BT participated in. Turk introduced "Police Truck" to the next generation in his first set, while bringing "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" to the retros in his encore performance. The SPOILER left no doubt as to its versatility in firebombing the generation gap.

The KC Terminator continued his rampage in an attack on Coda, downtown KC's newest martini bar and music venue, on 11/19/09. BT Superstar performed a four-song set which featured "Home Invasion", a SPOILER classic which had not been played since the Albany Massacre. The back-to-back attacks within 48 hours were characteristic of the enhanced onslaughts that have defined the Fall 2009 campaign.

Broadway Turk Superstar set another SPOILER record by launching a third attack (in three different cities) in four days, blasting the Eagles Aerie in Belton MO on 11/21/09. Superstar cited his latest cover, "I'll Melt With You", as being enzymatic in overcoming the hardcore C&W acoustic crowd. It was the tenth SPOILER operation in just over six weeks, another franchise record.

The Rampage continued as the Superstar hammered Winslow's BBQ Restaurant on 11/22/09. Despite the haphazard efforts of the house band to maintain dominance of the presentation, Superstar slammed home "Wine Bottle Blues" and "Did He Die" before being yanked by the posers amidst the resonant applause for BT's efforts. This was the fourth attack in five days, setting yet another SPOILER record.

Another SPOILER attack was launched at the Office on 11/25/09, the second in eight days at the Gladstone rock and roll venue (as well as a record-setting fifth operation in the same timeframe). Broadway Turk Superstar played two solid blocks before the enthusiastic crowd, introducing his new song, "Man Grenade", during the event.

The Rampage befell Maxwell's Downtown Grill in Lee's Summit MO, the SPOILER's first incursion into the target area as well as a club-record 20th show in one year. Broadway Turk Superstar performed two sets of rockabilly and originals that was captured on video, available through SPOILER INC! Yet another club record fell as Turk made his sixth appearance in twelve days, exceeding the standard set by Favorite/Thunders/Tilton in January this year.

Club records continued to tumble as Superstar staged an attack at the Halftime Bar and Grill on Highway 40 in Independence MO on 12/2/09. It was reported that an earlier attack at an undisclosed location was averted by an overcrowded parking lot. Undeterred, BT proceeded to Halftime and hammered the crowd with the enthusiastic participation of the house band, which provided excellent support throughout the frenetic set. It was the seventh SPOILER attack in fifteen days as the Fall 2009 season roars towards its climax.

Terri Thunders rejoined the Superstar for the SPOILER's 22nd show of the year as they blasted the Beaumont Club on 12/20/09. The show, billed as a Battle of the Bands, became a showcase gig by default as the TnT Gang made little effort to sell the show for their sponsor, Gorilla Productions. It brought the 2009 Winter Offensive to a close, ending the streak at fifteen attacks, yet another franchise record.

"The promotion was basically seeking out the big draws in the area regardless of song quality or musical skill," a SPOILER rep noted. "It turned into a metal shootout at the end of the day, but TnT went in and bloodied their noses with a high-impact powerhouse set. These two individuals will never be intimidated and they won't back down."

The Superstar continued his One Man Gang attack against the Office on 12/23/09. The audience was in full holiday spirit as BT unleashed his newest cover, "White Riot". It concluded the 2009 season, closing out the decade with the Missouri Rock and Roll Champs' 30th show, their 23rd operation of the year. It also initiated an early launch of the SPOILER's Winter 2010 campaign.

The SPOILER's 2010 season opener (and their first appearance of the decade) was sullied by a less-than-spectacular performance at their return match at Speedway Grill on 1/31/10. The partisan crowd, and a lineup overloaded with local musicians sponsored by the Groove Pilots, gave Superstar short notice in a two-and-out showing reminiscent of the Hideout and Tonahill's late last year. "Obviously we'll be classifying these as no-fly zones in the near future," a SPOILER agent commented. "Still, anytime we can get primetime for "Back From Iraq", it's always a win-win situation."

The SPOILER launched a second attack in less than twenty-four hours in assaulting the Czar Bar in downtown KC on 2/1/10. The trendy enterntainment venue proved unprepared for the alt rock onslaught as BT Superstar knocked the acoustic lineup down 'like a row of dominoes', according to a SPOILER rep. "We're back on track," the agent was enthusiatic. "We know this may be the last decade for this company and we're determined to make it the best."

The SPOILER survived a head-on crash at the Office on 2/3/10 as BT Superstar nearly self-destructed with a rickety rendition of "Rockstar". Cutting the song short, he came back with a solid version of "Rock and Roll" before finishing in classic style. Yet management was irked by Superstar's reckless abandon in approaching the show. "It's unsettling that this fellow would take such a cavalier attitude in returning to a prime target area. We should be focusing on a show of force rather than dragging untested material onstage, especially considering our repertoire of 130+ songs." It was the third SPOILER attack in four days, tying the club record set in November last year.

BT Superstar returned to the Office with a vengeance on 2/10/10 with a rousing rockabilly set including new covers "Be-Bop-A-Lula" and "Don't Be Cruel", introducing the golden oldies in hyperdrive to the next generation. The Turk was also pleased with the debut appearance of his new Warlock guitar. Office V tied a long-standing SPOILER record of performances at one club (five at El Bolero/Dem Bums/Cousins as well as five at CBGB's).

The SPOILER wreaked havoc at the Uptown Theatre on 2/14/10 in what fans will remember as the St. Valentine's Massacre 2010. BT Superstar was joined by guest guitarist Alex "Bipolar Rampage" Nichols in nuking the fabled KC entertainment hall, annihilating opening act Kevin Hiatt and decimating 'wigger rappers' Infamous DOC in the backdraft. "This is right where we want to be at this stage of Winter Offensive 2010," a SPOILER exec was jubilant. "The Star was at the top of his game and Alex brought it home in leaving their mark on one of KC's most prestigious venues."

The SPOILER returned to Tonahill's Lounge in Independence MO after a year's absence on 2/16/10, joining forces with house band Unfinished Business to lay waste to the neighborhood crowd. The event was highlighted by the return of Leaf Humpy (as Cowtown Joe) on lead guitar after a three-year hiatus. "It was great having Leaf back in the lineup," BT Superstar commented after the performance. "We've got a number of targets lined up and hopefully Lief will help us hit them that much harder."

Office VI ended in a debacle on 2/17/10 as the SPOILER ran into major sound problems bringing their punk showcase to the Gladstone crowd. TLC (the Turk-Lief Connection) found the Office PA unable to cope with Lief's F/X grid, causing a meltdown in mid-set. Despite the snafu, TLC eclipsed the SPOILER record for most shows at one venue (six). "It was our first setback in six outings at that club," the Turk pointed out afterwards. "We'll be back with heavy artillery to finish what we started."

The SPOILER set two new club records with its third attack in three days and fourth in five days as BT Superstar detonated a high-octane ten-song rockabilly set before an enthusiastic audience at the retirement center at the Santa Fe Towers in Overland Park KS on 2/18/10. Despite having played two shows in seventeen hours, the Turk was buoyant. "It's always great doing a benefit for those going through hard times. Our music is all about hope and redemption, and it's a blessing to be able to share it with those who need it most."

The SPOILER ended a week layoff with a successful attack at Howell's Bar and Grill in Gladstone on 2/25/10. BT Superstar nailed the blues audience with a three-song whirlwind, raising the bar for the hometown lineup following the KC Terminator's act. "(MC) Randy Patton runs a class act at Howell's," a SPOILER agent noted after the gig, "and we're looking forward to a rematch."

In what ebullient SPOILER reps called "the best performance of the year", BT Superstar launched a stunning attack at the Record Bar in Westport on 2/27/10. Opening the show with "Heroin" for the first time in over three decades (Spoiler Knights at Los Panchos '78), the Turk overcame difficulties with an overwhelmed rhythm section to annihilate the hardcore audience at the Saturday night blues jamboree. "The Star was on the money, it made up for everything we've dealt with since the year began," one agent gushed. "We controlled the stage from start to finish, and it can't be anything less than a harbinger of things to come." It was the SPOILER's tenth show in one month, setting a new club record.

The SPOILER opened up March 2010 with a bang, launching a second attack on the Czar Bar in downtown KC on 3/1/10. Conforming to the blues/folk format, BT Superstar displayed his versatility with an all-original three-song set. A second attack at an undisclosed location was postponed due to a late arrival at the target site, but club officials were unconcerned. "We're on a roll and KC will sit up and take notice," a SPOILER agent remarked. "As long as the mics are open, we will be heard."

The SPOILER ended a three-week layoff at Office VII on 3/24/10, though their return was not as well-received as expected. With the college crowd (on Spring Break) noticeably absent, BT Superstar's alternative set got a lukewarm reception from the country music crowd. "I don't think we've worn out our welcome but we're probably going to be seeking greener pastures in the weeks ahead," a SPOILER agent commented. It was the Missouri Rock and Roll Champions' first gig of the Spring 2010 campaign.

In what was termed by one SPOILER rep as "the Missouri franchise's worst debacle yet", TLC (Turk-Lief Connection) made an abysmal debut at Jerry's Bait Shop in downtown Lee's Summit MO on 3/25/10. The uncoordinated attack collapsed so badly that the house rhythm section stopped playing and watched in amusement as TLC crashed and burned before a packed house. It was the duo's second straight flop since reforming the team in February. "This was nothing short of sabotage," an agent fumed. "This organization has worked too hard to watch this thing end up as a sick joke." BT Superstar was unavailable for comment.

TLC struck back with a vengeance as BT Superstar and Cowtown Joe scored a major strike at Office VIII on 3/31/10. With the college crowd returning from Spring Break 2010, the Missouri R&R Champions took them back to 'old school' with a searing rockabilly set. SPOILER officials agreed that it was easily TLC's best show since teaming up in 2006. "These guys are full of piss and vinegar," an agent commented. "They've got a chip on their shoulders and lots to prove. The KC music scene will have hell to pay this summer."

The SPOILER returned from a two-week absence for yet another house band screw job at Dan's Steakhouse in Overland Park on 4/13/10. BT Superstar made a valiant effort but was unable to overcome the home boys' tactic of reducing his guitar volume setting from five to one before the ensuing travesty. "It's unfortunate that these venues are entirely ignorant of what these has-been groups will do to keep their spot before any perceived threat," a SPOILER agent fumed. "Even though the Star kicked their doors in, it was an unprovoked, mean-spirited measure that deprived the audience of worthwhile entertainment."

The rollercoaster continued as the SPOILER scored a major victory at Office IX in Gladstone on 4/14/10. BT Superstar unleashed four new songs including "Ain't No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down)", "Ruby Tuesday", "White Light/White Heat" and a new thrash metal original, "Amon Goeth". The highly versatile set was captured on bootleg and reflected the enthusiastic response of the supportive college crowd. "When the kids are in the house the chemistry is perfect," a SPOILER rep pointed out. "This is still the best open mic spot in KC, bar none."

An 11th hour performance saved the franchise from an imminent implosion, a SPOILER exec revealed after an 'overwhelming attack' by BT Superstar and drummer John "Terminator" Mc Guffin at Jerry's Bait Shop on 4/25/10. Last minute resignations by Terri Thunders and Cowtown Joe left the club at an insoluble impasse before the Terminator stepped into the breach, providing outstanding backup for an unforgettable performance by Superstar. "We haven't done metal for thirty years," an emotional agent was exuberant. "The Turk defied the odds and gave them a Battle (of the Bands) they'll never forget." The franchise was seriously considering closing its doors after the Lee's Summit show, but the assault 'breathed new life' into the rock and roll company.

An unexpected cancellation by John "Terminator" Mc Guffin and the return of Mr. Machine to the lineup resulted in a last-minute upset blemishing the SPOILER debut in Shawnee KS at Aftershock on 5/27/10. Galvanized by the polite encouragement of the screamo band entourages competing at Local Phenomenon's Battle of the Bands, solid performances of thrash metal originals "Amon Goeth" and "Shankill Death Car" nearly turned the show around. The house, however, appeared to stiffen after the NYC Sewer Rat's anti-government ballad, "Obamanation". Superstar, demanding five more minutes at the end of the set, suffered a stunning crash-and-burn during "Back From Iraq". "BT had been working this one hard at practice and appeared to have it down pat," a SPOILER agent mused. "Unfortunately he was forcing the beat into the drum machine's parameters and he lost his grip at the end of the show." It was the seventh performance of the champions' sputtering Spring 2010 offensive and their 17th attack of the year.

The SPOILER's first foray of the Summer 2010 Offensive earned mixed reviews from Company management on 6/27/10 as BT Superstar conducted his second straight attack with Mr. Machine as drum backup. Operation Bait Shop III began with a rocky start as the Turk tore into Battle for Missouri promoter Jesse Jeffers before the show for "dogshit management", a SPOILER rep was quoted. A fuming Star's performance was spotty at worst, though his new song, 'Leaving Me Again', was a highlight of the show.

The SPOILER made its debut in Liberty MO during Operation LPAT (Liberty Performing Arts Theatre) as BT Superstar and Mr. Machine went head-to-head with hardcore Seasons of Pain and bubblegum troupe Powerslide at the New Musician Showcase on 7/10/10. Although the Mizzou champs edged out SoP with a superior song repertoire, Powerslide's equipment gave them the sound advantage. "It was a non-paying gig and we didn't feel the need to haul out the stacks to emphasize what the (LPAT) judges already knew," a SPOILER rep shrugged after the show.

The return of the SPOILER to Gladstone for Office X on 7/21/10 was dampened by a mediocre performance by local magician Michael Morales that literally 'stunk out the house' and left the Mizzou champs playing to a near-empty house. Unfortunately, BT Superstar and Mr. Machine demonstrated improving synchronicity in bringing it to the diehards, introducing their new song, "Vacation Time" in the process. It was the third attack of the Summer 2010 Offensive and their second operation in five days.

Terri Thunders returned to the SPOILER lineup, teaming with BT Superstar and drummer Van Tiger for an assault on the Flamingo Lounge on 8/8/10. House band Mercy Pearl squashed the Mizzou champs after one song, resulting in an irate Superstar tirade against the hosts long after the trio left the stage. "We just need to realize that most of these open mics are actually showcases for the house band," a SPOILER agent rationalized. "We can't expect to go in and swipe the yard dog's bone every time." It was the fourth SPOILER attack of Summer 2010.

The SPOILER returned to Westport in a flawless debut at the Newsroom on 9/1/10. BT Superstar and Terri Thunders took it to the mat with Mr. Machine, bringing a perfect storm to the rock lounge in the Mizzou champs' fifth assault of Summer 2010. "It's been a rollercoaster ride this season and we needed a show like this to even things up," a SPOILER agent was enthused. "They looked good, sounded good and (Newsroom) management is optimistic about an extended run here. We've needed a place to plant our flag and things look good right now." It was the SPOILER's 22nd attack this year.

The SPOILER continued to dominate at Newsroom II on 9/15/10, playing a two-set show before a receptive audience despite blustery weather in the Midtown area. The TnT Gang opened the gig with a Velvet Underground block before closing the first set with old-school punk anthems and ending the show with a set of SPOILER tunes. "This is the kind of place we've been looking for and it'll be a challenge to come up with new angles on an extended run," BT Superstar noted afterwards. "We will keep our guarantee - you will never see the same show twice." It marked the sixth attack of Summer 2010.

The SPOILER brought a solid rockabilly performance into the Eagles Aerie in Independence on 9/22/10 but it wasn't enough to impress an elderly biker crowd on hand. The TnT Gang overcame an early sound problem to execute the eight-song set with precision and gusto, but the passive crowd showed little response until show's end. "I've pulled off some miracles in my time but raising the dead's not one of them," Superstar commented afterward. It was the first assault of the Fall 2010 Offensive.

The SPOILER roared back into the News Room on 9/29/10 with a vengeance, playing a punk/alternative show before an enthusiastic audience. Terri and Turk were in top form and had the audience singing along to the punk anthem, "Anarchy In The USA". It also marked the first time Superstar busted loose on lead guitar during "Homeland Insecurity" and "Office Man". "He's taking it to the next level and it's hard to predict where it'll go from here," an agent was enthusiastic. "You'd think it can't get any better than this, but we think it's only just begun." It was the Missouri Rock and Roll Champions' 25th assault of 2010.

Drummer Johnny Bravo's debut on the SPOILER drum throne was met by an enthusiastic audience during Operation News Room IV on 10/13/10. Though the turnout at the Countdown to Halloween Havoc was lighter than expected, those on hand were treated to an inspired performance by the Mizzou Champs. BT Superstar introduced two new covers, "Pills" and "I'm A Believer", while Terri Thunders brought her new keyboard solo into "Home Invasion". It marked the band's third attack of their Fall Offensive 2010.

The TnT Gang scored a last-minute smackdown on 10/27/10 as the SPOILER brought Halloween Havoc at News Room V home with a vengeance. Despite unveiling their original song "Overnight Celebrities", knockoff tune "Graverobbing" and cover songs "Dead Flowers" and "Personality Crisis", poor attendance threatened to blight the performance before a last-minute surge allowed the Mizzou champs to close the night in style. "Monster Mash" remained a seasonal showstopper as the Terminators finished in style. It was the band's 27th assault of the year.

The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions crossed the border into Kansas once more for Operation Alien Invasion on 11/4/10, scoring a major win before an enthusiastic audience at Aftershock II. BT Superstar was at the top of his game, bringing home a brutal heavy metal set at the Battle of the Bands sponsored by Knightwolf Productions. Terri Thunders was also a crowd pleaser, earning rounds of applause each time she was introduced to the fans. "This was a strong exercise allowing us to demonstrate our heavy metal capability before a partisan audience," a SPOILER agent remarked. It was the fifth attack of the Fall 2010 Offensive.

The SPOILER launched their 29th attack of the year at Operation Military Madness at the News Room on 11/10/10 as the One Man Band hammered down the Mizzou Champs' last performance of their six-show Wednesday night streak. Despite Johnny Bravo out with an injury (shoulder) and Terri Thunders going AWOL, Broadway Turk Superstar made it happen with a solid show featuring his new cover, "Nowhere Man". The News Room revealed that the SPOILER would be headlining the club's Friday night lineup. "Turk took charge from the beginning and held the audience throughout despite a couple of high-risk songs," an agent referred to the heavy dose of covers injected into the playlist. "This was a great tuneup for the year-end schedule ahead."

The SPOILER endured another screw job at the Battle of the Bands on John's Big Deck sponsored by KC Connection 11/13/10. Sandwiched between a lineup of cover bands impatiently waiting for a crack at both the Mizzou champs and a spurious $3,000 promo prize, the TnT Gang hauled off with a solid five-song set of old school punk tunes before being yanked by the promotion due to 'time constraints'. Implacable despite being given a consolation prize, Superstar had a few choice words for the promoters that were caught on SPOILER video. "This fellow was in a bad mood from the beginning over the shoddy way this event was set up and the agreements that were not kept," a SPOILER rep remarked. "It's fortunate no one was hurt." It was the seventh attack of the Fall 2010 campaign and the third assault in ten days.

In what Broadway Turk Superstar predicted would be a perfect storm, the Missouri Rock and Roll Champions' Friday night debut at News Room VII was curtailed by equipment problems on 11/19/10, limiting them to one fast and furious set. The SPOILER perched themselves on the upper deck, literally taking it to the streets as they serenaded the late-night Westport crowd before the PA gave out. "It was a disappointing end to the evening but definitely made a statement," a SPOILER rep was quoted. "We'll be going into the holiday season with a vengeance." It was the 31st attack of the year and the fourth operation of November 2010.

The SPOILER returned to the News Room with a vengeance on 12/3/10, launching Operation Bailout in their return to the upper deck in the packed Westport lounge. The newly-reformed Double TLC Gang (Terri/Turk/Leaf Connection) made its long-awaited live debut with Leaf Humpy appearing as Spike Driver on lead guitar. Pre-show conditions appeared ominous as a management shift from John Calley to Aaron Snakeman nearly caused BT Superstar to 'bail out', but the placated Mizzou champs retreated to the high ground as a local college acoustic act dominated the lower level. They proceeded to maximize their use of superior firepower in blasting the patio crowd and the surrounding neighborhood with a rockabiily/alternative/metal triple feature. "It was three years in the making (referring to the Albany Massacre of '07) but we finally got them on the same stage," an enthused agent crowed. "We can only imagine what they'll accomplish over time." It was the ninth assault of the Fall 2010 campaign.

The SPOILER scored their 33rd successful assault of the year at Newsroom IX on 12/10/10, with Double TLC turning the Friday night session into a house party with a lively crowd on hand. Opening with another rockabilly set, the Missouri Rock and Roll Champions turned up the heat with their metal set during which Spike Driver and BT Superstar took turns playing covers by the Who along with a local musician in the audience. "It started off slow but the crowd really got into the mix, which is what it's all about," a SPOILER rep commented afterward. "Charisma, ability, firepower...this trio's got it all." The band is currently negotiating a New Year's Eve appearance that would highlight a record-setting season for performances in one year.

The TnT Gang survived a rough-and-tumble evening at Newsroom X in carrying out Operation Messiah on 12/17/10. With Spike Driver sidelined indefinitely by an attitude problem, the Deadly Duo played a no-show first set due to harsh weather before their death metal finisher was stonewalled by an unsuspecting late-show yuppie audience. "We're learning the hard way that we can't pre-arrange shows in a venue as unpredictable as News Room," a SPOILER agent remarked. "They'll need Plan B and Plan C to score knockouts in places like this in future." It was the eleventh assault of the Fall 2010 campaign.

The SPOILER closed out the 2010 season with a bang on New Year's Eve at Newsroom XI, setting a club record for most appearances at one venue. It also marked the first SPOILER New Year's Eve performance as the TnT Gang opened with a flawless rockabilly set followed by a Velvet Underground tribute set, getting a solid response by the enthusiastic crowd. It was their 35th attack of the year, setiing a new record for performances in one year. "Most estimates of the total number of shows performed by Spoiler NYC are by and large inaccurate, but as far as we can determine, we're pretty sure the thirty-five shows this year and twenty-three shows in 2009 have eclipsed the combined total of shows played by Spoiler NYC over seven years," a SPOILER rep determined.

The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions kicked off the 2011 season in top form with a powerhouse presentation at Newsroom XII on January 14, 2011. The SPOILER opted to open the evening festivities as a scheduling conflict caused local blues band Blind Dog to warm the bench while the TnT Gang strutted their stuff. Equipment problems failed to dampen the audience's enthusiasm as BT Superstar and Terri Thunders unveiled their new cover, "Little Red Riding Hood". After a quick fix, the champs went on to close the show with a vengeance. It was the second assault of the Winter 2010-11 campaign, and their last Friday night show at the Newsroom as Terri and Turk were scheduled to be boosted to the club's Saturday night slot.

The TnT Gang staged one of their most compelling performances yet before a full house at Newsroom XIII on January 29, 2011. Opening with an original alternative set, they played a strong rockabilly mid-set before equipment problems forced them to augment their attack with the house PA. The result was a rip-roaring original metal set featuring a new cover of "Mony Mony" that tore the house down. "This was a helluva way to open our Saturday night schedule," a SPOILER agent noted. "This promises to be our best winter season yet." It was Terri and Turk's second assault of the 2011 season.

The SPOILER turned in yet another stellar presentation at St. Valentine's Day Massacre 2011 on 2/12/11. Thunders and Superstar kicked out the jams in a two-set show at Newsroom XIV featuring both new covers ("Sunday Morning", "All Tomorrow's Parties" and "Viva Las Vegas") and originals ("Play Until You're Dead") as well as revived tunes unplayed over the past couple of years. The enthusiastic crowd "made it a night to remember", a SPOILER rep reported. It was the TnT Gang's fourth attack of the Winter 2010-11 campaign.

The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions racked up another big win at their Middle East Madness show at Newsroom XV on 2/26/11. Terri and Turk scored heavily with their newest cover tunes including "Come Saturday Morning", "Sonic Reducer", "I'll Cry Instead" and a death metal version of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again". The Dynamic Duo played before another full house as attendance continues to peak at the lounge, capitalizing on a thriving underground scene in the Westport area. "We're glad to be part of it and will continue to give our fans our best as the season progresses," Broadway Turk Superstar was quoted after the show. It was the SPOILER's fourth assault of the new year.

The SPOILER met what B.T. Superstar called 'our biggest challenge yet' with maximum impact at the Countdown to St. Patrick's Day at Newsroom XVI on 3/12/11. The TnT Gang introduced seven new songs to the packed house, featuring cover songs "Search and Destroy", "Black", "Danny Boy" and "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay", as well as originals "Don't Quit Your Day Job" and "The Ballad of Lenny Murphy". The showstopper came in the form of "Bloody Sunday", a song not played by the franchise for almost four decades. The Mizzou champs' fifth attack of Winter 2010-11 was a treat for the fans, many of whom wore SPOILER T-shirts and mingled with Terri and Turk long after the show ended.

The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions turned Newsroom XVII into a house party at the Allah 2 Die 4 Show on 3/26/11. Terri and Turk brought three new covers, "Wild Horses", "Elvira" and "Psycho Killer" to the fray along with their new original, "Nuclear Meltdown". The fans turned a couple of segments of the show into photo and autograph sessions as the TnT Gang were bemused by the audience interaction throughout the night. "We love our fans, and that's what makes playing the Room so great," BT Superstar was enthusiastic after the gig. It was the SPOILER's sixth assault of the 2011 season.

The SPOILER made their debut at Fitz's Blarney Stone in Westport during Operation Rockabilly Rampage on 3/30/11. Opening for local blues guitarist Billy Beale, the Mizzou champs rocked the house with an eight-song set as Johnny Favorite and Terri Thunders turned in a rousing performance. Local rock and roll musician Bird joined the TnT Gang in an impromptu appearance on bass guitar. Booking agent Diggity was greatly impressed by the show and scheduled the team for a bi-monthly showing similar to their News Room itinerary. It was their second attack of the Spring 2011 campaign.

The SPOILER turned in a lukewarm performance at Bait Shop IV on 4/3/11 despite a strong response from an enthusiastic SRO crowd. Time restraints imposed by the Gorilla Productions agents, sub-par guitar sound patched through by the sound man, and a last-minute video snafu contributed to a rush job that left BT Superstar both frustrated and perturbed at the end of the show. "We were expecting a lot more than we got out of this one," the Turk was quoted after the Battle of the Bands contest. "Those other bands were going all out and we should've had a lot more power to compete with." The 0-4 streak at Jerry's Bait Shop falls one shy of the SPOILER/Ducky Boys/Scandals mark of 0-5 at CBGB's, a black mark on the record for over three decades.

The TnT Gang returned to their winning ways with a vigorous attack at Newsroom XVIII on 4/9/11 before a small but responsive crowd. Joined by local underground icon Bird on bass, Terri and Turk capitalized on the triple threat assault with a series of instrumentals during the second half that "showed the crowd what they're (technically) capable of", a SPOILER agent pointed out after the gig. "We've been looking for someone with the talent and stage presence needed to stand up there with TnT, and Bird's the first fellow we've had since Leaf Humpy to fit the bill." The band introduced their new song, "Iceman", along with a death metal version of the Irish folk song "Clementine". It was their ninth assault of the 2011 season.

The SPOILER launched their second successful assault at Blarney Stone II on 4/13/11 as the Missouri Rock and Roll Champions continued their Rockabilly Rampage before an enthusiastic audience. Bird came in on bass for his third appearance with the TnT Gang, adding extra punch to the champs' high-impact set. BT Superstar played their new original blues song, "Black Eyed Devil", adding yet another number to their burgeoning repertoire. It was their fifth operation of the Spring 2011 campaign.

Operation Newsroom XIX proved to be a rambunctious affair on 4/16/11 as the SPOILER prepared to take on all comers both onstage and off. Impromptu scheduling forced the TnT Gang to open the show for a double bill, and BT Superstar learned that Bird had opted to roadie for the scheduled band rather than play for the Mizzou champs. Bird's attempts to set up during the SPOILER set nearly resulted in an altercation, after which a mysterious limo pulled up in front of the open-air patio down the street from the Uptown Theatre where the legendary Jeff Beck was featured. The Turk, believing Beck was in the limo, challenged the icon to come onstage for a guitar duel. After several invitations from the stage echoed across Broadway, the limo drove away. Turk and Terri unleashed their new song, "Cosmic Storm", in closing a two-set performance. It was their third attack in eight days and the eleventh this year.

The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions continued navigating through stormy climates as they wrapped up a three-show Wednesday night series at the Blarney Stone on 4/20/11. BT Superstar had a falling-out with booker Diggy towards the end of the second round as the TnT Gang was asked to curtail their set for headliner Billy Beale. "Beale and Diggity had agreed that Turk and Terri would work the 8-10 slot, and the Star wasn't very happy about having to cut it short," a SPOILER rep explained, "especially with the pop they were getting from the crowd." The duet opened the show with another blues original, "Bullshit Artist Blues", and maintained a solid pace throughout the evening. The Missou champs announced that they would be moving to Saturday nights beginning April 30th. It was their fourth attack in twelve days and the seventh assault of the Spring 2011 Offensive.

The SPOILER ended a twenty-gig streak at Newsroom XX on 4/23/11 before a packed house, delaying their second set as the follow-up act played a marathon set for over an hour before the champs decided to call it a night. "Those guys certainly appeared to be starving for stage time," Superstar joked after the show as a third band waited impatiently to start their set. The lead singer, a Jack Black lookalike, left a bad taste in many mouths with a blasphemous song targeting the Easter weekend. "(Booker) John Calley backed the wrong horse on this deal, and we're sure the club will feel the repercussions in time to come," a SPOILER agent speculated. It was their fifth attack in fifteen days and the thirteenth show this year.

The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions opened their Saturday night schedule at Blarney Stone IV on 4/30/11 before an enthusiastic crowd. Despite the large number of blues fans and musicians on hand, the SPOILER received a warm welcome and praise for the quality of their eclectic performance. "There were more than a couple of older musicians who came by the stage to get a closer look at the band's musicianship, and they all came away satisfied," a SPOILER rep revealed. BT Superstar roamed throughout the front of the club during the show, interacting with and even interviewing members of the audience throughout the evening. Even Terri Thunders took her turn on the mic as Turk timed out for a quick tuneup at the beginning of the gig. It was the ninth assault of the Spring 2011 campaign.

The SPOILER made their second Parkville appearance in two years at River's Bend on 5/7/11, playing a rooftop gig overlooking the downtown square. Expecting a strong turnout following the Cinco de Mayo festivities, many locals had attended the antique car show that afternoon and had peaked by the time the band arrived for their 8 PM performance. Regardless, the Mizzou R&R Champs came out swinging and kept it going throughout the evening. "Management obviously wasn't prepared for the impact of the earlier event, but Terri and Turk were able to give visitors (to Parkville) a good sendoff." It was the fifteenth SPOILER attack of the year.

After a fifteen-month layoff, the SPOILER returned to the Blarney Stone on 8/29/12 for a guest appearance, opening for what one agent termed "a second-rate folk duet". BT Superstar was caught flatfooted trying to resolve equipment problems, resulting in what Terri Thunders considered a "terrible" sound mix. The Turk's vocals were not enough to rescue a weakened guitar sound, causing the champs to close it down after four songs. Despite the poor showing, the TnT Gang is hoping to follow it up with another performance this fall at a venue to be announced.

The SPOILER suffered their second setback of the year with a sub-par performance at the Beaumont on 9/23/12. Despite encouraging rehearsal tapes, the band was once again hampered by a poor sound mix which cost them a weak finish at the end of a valiant six-song set. The loss placed the Mizzou champs at 0-2 for the year and 1-1 at the Beaumont.

The SPOILER played their first gig in over two years, returning to the Blarney Stone on 12/5/2014 with a solid performance despite a poor pre-holiday turnout. Their sixth trip to the renowned dive bar saw the Terrible Two play their newest song, a punk tribute to "Ferguson". They also successfully launched a pedal-to-the-metal version of "I Only Wanna Be With You". A rematch was scheduled for the first Friday of 2015.

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