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Java Project and
Class Assignments

Class Assignments - using IBMVisualAge. This IDE makes Jars with HTML files external to the jar.

Each assignment has multiple classes packed in a single jar file available when running any one of the assignment classes.

HW #1 Run Integer Calculator | Run Encryption | Run Decryption - One.jar is in any of these hyperlinks.

HW #2 Run Project Two (Multiplication & Maze) - two.jar is in this hyperlink.

HW #3 Run Project three Applets (Savings Account & Shapes) - three.jar is in this hyperlink.

HW #4 Run Project Four Applets (Parse Phone Number & Pie Charting) - four.jar is in this hyperlink.

HW #5 Run Project Five Applets (Draw shapes - Pull down list & Color Chooser-scroll bars)

HW #6 Run Project Six Applets (Exceptions & The Tortoise and the Hare)

HW #7 Run Project Seven Applet (Sign using MediaTracker)

HW #8 Get Project eight jar(Hardware store Inventory application using file I/O)

Final Run Elevator Simulator Applet (Threads, sounds, images, animated gifs, OOP)

Future- under construction



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