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The Unofficial Elias Koteas Page

Hello, all!! As you all know, I've finally been able to get back and start editing the site. I've also aquired a tool in assisting me in building the official website, offline. Right now is just a brain-storming phase as well as a testing phase of the web-building tool. My goal is to have a rough draft of the site, to potentially show Elias, himself. Someday.

If by chance Elias himself, should stop by and see if any of this information is not correct then please notify me. The same goes for anyone else who should see any errors on my site.

OH, and your probably wondering why I mention '' above. Are ya?? Well, I now own the domain. Soon, and I say that very loosely, I will be making an Official Elias site. Now ofcourse, as of yet I don't have Elias officially backing the making of the site. Nor do I know if I ever will, but I wanted to get the domain name and atleast have the rights to it when the time comes. Until then, I'll be working on this site making small changes and keeping you posted on anything interesting.

Elias' World and other Links.

Bio and General Info
Pics of the Man
About the Creator
Chat Now (Rob's Bar and Grill is under renovations)
The Draven Family Page
Michael Reid Carter's Page
Heimstatte Homebrewing Supplies
Angelfire - Free Home Pages
E Online
Dr Pepper
Mary's Elias Site
Rob's Video Page

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**THANKS**-----I would like to thank Mary Camacho for many of the pics and for info about Elias.-----I would also like to thank Michael Reid Carter for providing me with some early pics of Elias from his AADA days. ----- Ofcourse I would also like to thank Elias Koteas, himself, for being such the great person and actor that he is.

Michael Reid Carter is an actor that attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts along with Elias. He can be seen in many movies and also in the soaps. To see what he's in next, go to his page which is linked above. The pics he gave me are from around 1984. To see them go to 'Pics of the Man'.