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This page is the part of my site that is only about her fanclub. Her fanclub is free to join and there will be no dues you will have to pay. If you want to join just email me and put "Fanclub" in the subject line and your in! When you join the fanclub, you will be able to enter any of the contests that this site offers. If you have any other questions/comments, just ask!. Email at:

Fanclub Calander of Events:

1/1/03 - New Fanclub Officer Campaigns Start!

Please send your campaign advertizements to and they will be put on this page as a potential candidate. We are looking for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Historian. If you need to know what the duties of these offices are, Just Ask!

* In the campaign, each candidate is allowed to send 1 (one) letter to the whole fanclub saying why he/she would be the best for the job. This letter must be sent by 12/01/03, if you would like to NOT receive a letters from the voters please email me and they will not be allowed to send you one. They can also have their site on the letter and write something about their candidacy on their site. Each Fanclub Member (Including the candidates, me, and the other fanclub members get one vote for the the elections).

The winners will get a special suprise from Kirsten herself!

* All events are subject to change*

~ Good Luck Everyone! ~

12/1/03 Fanclub Campaigns End

1/1/04 Winner of Fanclub Election Announced!