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Alan's RC Links

Welcome to Alan's Hobby Web Links

If linking to, or copying links from this page, please give credit to Alan Tong. This information has taken a long time to acquire. Contact Alan

List of Manufacturers, Stores etc by Country - see end of list

Language Dictionaries and Translation services

AltaVista - World / Translate (Bablefish)
Bablefish Translator - Free Language Translation
Language Dictionaries

GCF Global Learning [For beginners to PC's and Internet]

Alan' s RC & Modelling references

Aero Towing

Aero Towing
Sail Planes Unlimited = Articles & Tips
Scale Soaring - Aerotowing

Aerobatics Pattern & F3D

1996 Pattern Sequences
Building A Pattern Airplane
Ed's RC Pattern Page opening
D'Best Co. Pattern Page
Giant Scale Aerobatic List
International Miniature Aerobatic Club - Feature 1 - Loaded Dice III
New Zealand's T.O.C. Team = Team Briggs
RC New Zealand - skins for realflight
Ola Fremming
NSRCA Trimming Chart
RC Aerobatics for beginners

Airbrush tips and techniques etc
Airbrushes - Dick Blik
Airbrushing Tips - Golden.
Air Brush Painting for Artists & Ilustrators
Austalian Airbrush Art
Tips & Techniques - Galaxy Mech Works - click tips.

Aircraft Design. Airfoils, Pull Pull Controls & Flight Trim. (CG,Colour,Trim etc.= more in Folders below)

Aerodynamics of Spar&Rib Structures
Ackerman - Pull Pull - Rotary to Linear Differential
Canards - Palos RC
Canard design (Zip download) - Paolo Zini
Cardboard R/C Planes
Design Calculator - ( Van's )
Design Parameters - Basic chart
Flutter - Ed Moorman
Flying Wing and Bird flight designs
Model Aircraft Performance Slide Rule Calculator
Plane Geometry - R C Soarer
Practical Model Design - RCFU
Pull Pull Controls - B.Felice
Pull-Pull Controls - Bob Adkins
Rotary Driver System - Ailerons-Elevators etc.
Selected Topics of Model Aerodynamics
The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage
Trim Chart for flying RC aircraft
UIUC Airfoil Data Site
Wing Loading Charts for R_C Aircraft

Airships & Blimps

Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Home Page - Airships, Hovercraft & Blimps
Air Dynamic
Airship Resources (airships, blimps)
Balloon Pages on the World Wide Web
DraganFly - News
Keith's Virtual Helipad - Airships - Blimps and Other VTOL Aircraft
Making Bags and Blimps
Pilot a Remote Control flying saucer, UFO, blimp and helicopter.
R_C RC Blimps, Balloons and other LTA's List of websites
REVO- Zeppeline, Werbeballons, Riesenballons, Leuchtballons, Helium
Small Blimp Parts

Balsa FAQ

Balsa , Wood Extradinair - by Superior Balsa
Wood Handbook, Wood as an Engineering Material

Battery care


Hitec RCD
Astro Flight Inc.
Robbe Power Peak Infinity 2 (Review) = Manufactured by Sunji Kr.
SLA (Gell Cell) Chargers - Tony Van Roon.
12 Volt SLA Charger - simple circuit

Astro Dischargers
Battery Care NiCad & Ni Mh
Battery Engineering, How a Lithium Battery Works
Battery meter - How to use own Digital Volt Meter.
Industrial Use Batteries
Nexcell Battery Co = R & D
Parallel Battery Operation = Reliability & More Flight Time -
R/C Battery Clinic
Strengthening the Weakest Link .... Battery maintenance
Tech Talk : Maintaining Your Batteries
Tester for Nicads - PC Readout.
The Ultimate Battery Directory
What About All Those NiCads - Tony van Roon

Boats, Yachts, Submarines, Warship Combat and Nautical reviews

Ace Hobby NZ
Amati Modellismo
America's Cup Links
American Model Yachting Association
BDE R_C Combat Supplies
Billing Boats
Boats & Boat Accessories
Carr Sails
HMBC - Caldercraft catalog
International Waters R_C
Model Yachting Manufacturers
More Model Yacht Suppliers
MRP boats = Thunder Tiger = Ace Hobby
Punctilo - Caldercraft Ltd
Prestwich Models
R_C Sailing - Discussion group.
RC-Sailing Infocenter
RC Scale Model Ships - Jiri Syrovatko
RMG - Racing Yacht Sailwinch Servo
Sailboats - Radio Control CR914 Model Sailboats
Scale Sailing
Scale Ships
Ship Models FAQ
The Hague Modelboat Club - HMBC - Homepage
The Model Boat Wizards
The Model Power Boat Association
The Pop-pop pages.
The World of Scale Model Boating
Victor Model Products
West Valley R-C Mariners
Whirlwind winches
Walrus Model Yachts

Land and Ice yachts

IRCSSA Homepage
Model LandYachts, Unlimited
Performance RC Landsailers

New Zealand Clubs - FAQ

J Assoc - Canterbury, South Island
Kerikeri RYS
Kiwi Radio Yachting-Home of NZ Radio Yachting
Manukau Model Power Boat Club
National Maritime Museum, Auckland NZ
New Zealand Model Power Boat Assiociation
North Shore Radio Yacht Squadron (NSRYS) NZ

Reviews, Plans, FAQ & Tips

How to Sail fast_ Rig tuning by Bob Sterne
RC Model Sailboat FAQ - RC Website for the RC Racer. Home of The Engine Analysis Softwa
River boats,Towboats etc. - Old River Bill's RC
River Boats, Towboats etc - Towboat Joe.
Ship Models FAQ


E1 Submarine Project - Braglia
Subs on Display
SUB!'s Model Submarines
The SubCommittee!
West Valley RC Submarine FAQ

Thunder Tiger "Victoria" [Tip= Hitec HS605BB for sail servo)

Performance Tips by "The New Zealanders"
Victoria Resource Center
VRC - How to Articles

Warship Combat - C02 BB Cannon etc.

Big Gun RC Warship Combat

Books,Manuals,Reference-other - the world's largest source of out-of-print books!
Aircraft Workshop: Learn To Make Models that Fly by Kelvin Shacklock*****
Building A Pattern Airplane
Colour Palette for RC aircraft
Dynamic. Books & Info on RC systems + MIR space station
Hitec RCD - Instruction Manuals
Radio Control Guide by Norman Butcher
Radio Controlled Model Aircraft by Robert Lopshire ****
RC Books by David Boddington
Techbooks Home Page

Brazing, Soldering, Welding Ali & Silver, Anodizing etc.

Aluminum Welding Aluminum Brazing Aluminum Soldering Aluminum Repair
Silver Soldering Metals
Soldering Guide - EPE
Techno Weld. A revolution in aluminium welding

Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads.Simulators.Interface


Aerochopper Review
Dave Brown RCFS 2001
Easy Fly ******
Flight Simulator - Manuel Gonzales
Fly RC free simulator = Ron's Software Page
FMS Handbuch - Chuck Gadd
FMS Homepage
FMS - models
Paolo Zini's RC directory
Pre-Flight (FreeDownload - buy interface kit)
RealFlight Model Swap
RealFlight Home Page
RC New Zealand - skins for realflight
RC simulators
Vertigo flight simulator

Simulator controllers

Build an R/C Stick Joystick - The Flying Penguin
Futaba Controller - TX Conversion - RCFU
RC Flight simulator cable etc
REAL Flight Controller
Ron's Software Page
RC simulators.
TX Interface for FMS 2.0 beta 6 & 7 Flight sim
TX PC Interface etc - Ken Hewitt

Trainer Cords and Lead pinouts etc

Airtronics (AM_FM) Trainer Cord
Buddy box lead info
Build your own buddy cable
Intelligent Buddy Box Lead - JR to Hitec or Futaba
JR Buddy Box lead - RC Planet
JR Buddy box lead - antoon - gadgets
Futaba (FM) Trainer Cord
Futaba (AM) Trainer Cord
Misc RC leads etc - Ken Hewitt
Multiplex to Hitec or Futaba buddy lead schematic
Servos Wiring Diagrams

Buddy Box System Operation - RCFU

Calculators & Conversion charts

Conversion & Calculation tables etc
Entisoft Units -- Measurement Conversion Calculator -- The Internet Version
Multiplex Servo Analysis


Ace Hobby - see Academy RC Cars etc.
Andy's Bodies
Boca Bearing Company
Car_Truck Clubs and Organizations
DRX-2000 Datalogger ....
DuraTrax (part of Great Planes/Tower Group)
FAQ for R_C electric off-road racing
Frequently Asked Questions
Hitec - Park Challenge
How a motor works
Kyosho Cars and Trucks
Le Gravos Race Team T2M
Links to RC Car web pages & Distributors
Losi On-Line
Mugen Seiki
Nitro Rally Cars
Pro-Line Racing!
Radio Controlled Vehicles
RC Manufacturers - Cars_Trucks
RC Online
RC Car Pro Racer Secrets by Sirace
Schumacher USA -- Unofficial
Team Associated R_C Cars
Team Novak Home Page
Traxxas Home Page
Trinity R_C Racing Online!

Catapults, Bungees & Winches

Bungee Launcher & catapult Illustrations - email Alan for Jpegs.
Catapult - several shown under "Tips,Tricks, Reviews"
Dynaflite Hi-Starts
Electric winch (12V) - email Alan for Jpeg of winch & turnaround plans.
High Starts and Parachutes
Histart products and supplies, Dream Catcher Hobby Inc.
Launch Equipment - Hollyday Designs:
LiteFlite Engineering
Multiplex USA - Catapult & bungee
Northeast Sailplane Products -- Winch Stuff
Warbirds Ltd see pic #6

C of G & MAC. (Design and Flight Trimming etc see above.)

CG Calculator - Palos RC
CG - Canards - Palos RC
CG & MAC calculator = PJB's Seriously Aeronautical Stuff
CG Sling & Balance beam "Vanessa" Zip file - email Alan direct for a copy.
CG Sling
Design Calc - A great down load file from Van's Place
MAC Calculator = Palos R/C!!

Colours & Visibility

Aircraft Visibility
Model Aircraft Colour design
SAI - Coloring R_C Aircraft
Tinting Canopies
What Colors Do We Fly

Combat - RC

RC Combat
SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Designs)
Streamer Machine

Control Line

Andy Whortons C/L Page - BMFA & FAI - AJWLTD
Brass Fuel Tanks for Model Airplanes
Complete list of C/L articles.
Control Line Aeromodeling Link Pages, Clubs, and Forums
Control-line Model Airplanes - Bill Kuhl
Control Line Model Airplanes = Iskandar taib
Contractors and Suppliers
Gary's Control Line Model Aircraft Page
Göran Olsson's Control Line Page
Peter Nyffeler's CONTROL-LINE

Covering Materials & Instructions

Aerocenter Aircraft Supplies : Poly-Fiber Polyester Fabrics
Cover Foam Wings With Brown Paper - Ezone
Covering - Lee Van Tassle
Coverite Home Page
Lite Films,Covering & colouring - Roy Bourke
Oracover = Ultracote = Profilm . Hobby Lobby's tips
Oracover - Holland
Silkspan Covering - How to and Why
SPAD (Simple Plastic Model Design) - use of plastics
Top Flite MonoKote Instructions Part 1
Two Color Covering - RCFU
USI Laminate: Use 3mm thick film
Ultracote® ( = ProFilm =OraCover) Tips & Tricks = Horizon Hobby :


CustomCut Vinyl Lettering and Graphics
Pyramid Products
Stika self made labels

Directories, Links & R_C References -

Dogpile - Search engine
eBay Listings_ Remote Control
FlightLines : Model Aircraft, Helis, Unleashed!
Hobby Manufacturer RC Links
International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites
John Kallend's home page
Miniature Models. A data base for Model Topics
RC Flight Unlimited - Howard Sullivan
RC LINKS-A to Z.htm Forums
RC Pages -  Free Classified Photo Ads                   
R/C Soaring Links
RC Trading Post
The Complete RC Websites Index - Tony Van Roon
The Hobby Trail for..
The Rec.Models.Scale Home Page
The R/C Source - Hobby People
The R_C Web Directory - Tower
Usenet R_C Newsgroups
Yahoo! Groups

Disabled? - how to overcome disabilities to use RC

Kim's Home Page
John Cinderey's pages

Ducks = RC Decoy

RC Duck Website - build your own duck
Rc Ducks
The RC Duck - Dr Spiff

Electric Flight, Electric Motors & Round The Pole

Electric Motor Information

Astro Flight Inc.
Aveox Brushless Motors
Aveox Virtual Test Stand
Diversity - Motor Calculator etc
Electrics - motors - Steve Lewin
Electric Motor Breakin, how they work etc- Tom's RC
How a motor works - T.Younger
lrk-torquemax e-motors - How to build your own.
LRK = Male your own brushless gearless motor, 200-800watts
Kyosho LeMans Electric Motors
Leisure Electronics = Motors_gearboxes
MaxCim Motors
Motors - Comparison between prices and uses
PickPwr - Choosing the right power package
SE Modeler Gas to Electric

Electric Flight

Basic Guide to Successful Electric Flight - G McAllister
British Electric Flight
Castle Creations - ESC
Diversity Model Aircraft - Inc calculator for run time
Dymond Model Sport
EFLIGHT Archive search
Electric Flight
Electric R_C Resources
Electronic Speed Controler
EMS Jomar Official Web Site
EZONE Articles for January 1999
Flight Lines - The Best in Radio Controlled Modelling
From Gas to Electric
Kontronics - ESC
Kress Jets Inc. - Gas and Electric Model Planes
Kyosho Airplanes
Leisure Electronics = Motors_gearboxes
Low-Tech A-10 Electric Ducted Fan
Multiplex USA - Radio Controlled Sailplane Accessories -Catapults
Northeast Sailplanes Products -- Electric Accessories
R_C Battery Clinic
Spectra-V_ Fit gearbox & Vtail to a Spectra - Stefan's Electric RC
The Future is Electric - Ken Myers
What About All Those NiCads - Tony van Roon

Fly by Wire = Round The Pole

Fly By Wire
Ballards Model Shop
Skonk Works


Anderson Power Products modular power connectors
Deans' Connectors
Design for RC models - Russia
Circuit Central
Circuit Diagrams for Model Aircraft
Electronic Circuits for the Hobbyist - Tony Van Roon
Electronic Gadgets for Radio Control - Tony Van Roon
Electronic Speed Controller - using an old servo.
Electronics Page - Brent's R-C
Electronics Pages - Circuits etc by Tomi Engdahl's
Electronics Hobby Page
kens RC home page
Lost Model Alarm
Newark Electronics, Catalog = Electronic Components
OHM'S Calculator
Ohmark Electronic gadgets
Paolo Zini's RC directory
Philips Semiconductors;
Ram Radio Controlled Models Home Page
R/C Battery Clinic
RC flying - home brew electronics page
Servo Driver
Smiley Antenna RC Page
Stefan's Electric R-C Web Site
Supercircuits Inc. ..Micro video camera etc.
Sirius Electronics-TX Diodes bridging
Suding Associates Inc. - Main Page
Technical Library

Engines,Plugs,Tuning, Petrol, Turbines, Mufflers, Cleaning, Anodising etc

Anodizing, Cleaning & Starter Motors (Homemade)

1/A Starter Motor

Bearings, Metal Working, Mufflers, Tuned Pipes.

Abec Tolerances
Aluminum Welding How to Weld Aluminium
Bearing Sizes & Types - Desertsky
Boca Bearings for glow engines
Fly Quiet - Sound reducing mufflers .049 to big
FMV Storey - Engine & Bearing Fit and design.
Installation of Model Engine Bearings
JTEC Model Engine Accessories
Macs Products Website - exhausts and smoke systems
Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
Mousse Can Muffler - RCFU
Piped two stroke operation and set up
PSP Manufacturing
Slimline Manufacturing
Techo Weld
Tuned Pipe Design Calculator
Ultrathrust Mufflers

Glow Fueled Engines - all (Home pages)

1:8 buggy engines and more
ASP Engines
AV Engines
Boca Bearings for glow engines
COX Control Line, COX R_C, COX Free Flight, COX Glow Engines
Davis Diesel Heads and Diesel engines
Desert Sky Model0 Aviation _
Desert Aircraft -- Giant Scale Engines, Kits and Accessories
DN - Re_ OS 120 Gemini power_
Dynamite = Horizon Hobby = rebranded SH Engine
Great Hobbies - Tech Talk crankshaft thread sizes
Engine Central HP etc
Enya Model products
Fox engines
GMS Engines
IMAC Commercial Links
Irvine Engines
Jett Engineering - high performance model aircraft engines
Just Engines
K&B index
Laser Engines
Leo Engines
MDS Engines
MECA (Model Engine Colletors Assn.) homepage - K & B, Mecoa, HB, HP, Kavan, Fuji
MVVS model engines - Pe Reivers
MVVS - Model Engines since 1952
Nelson Engines - Performance Specialties
OPS engines
O.S. Engines
RCV Engines Ltd
R_C Airplane Engine Central
Saito - Horizon
Saito - Brenton Watkins - hints and tips
Sanye Machinery Co.,Ltd
SH-Series Car Engines - Megatech
Sharma Model Aero Engines and Propellers
Super Tigre (Online PDF manuals - see Carbs & Tuning)
Thunder Tiger Engines-Airplane: GP Series
Thunder Tiger Engines-Airplane: PRO Series
Thunder Tiger Engines: Airplane: 4-Stroke Series
Tiger Shark engines
Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines
Webra Austria Home Page
Webra Motor
YS - Japan
YS engines - USA

Glow Plugs, Carburettors, Tuning & Performance Testing

Airplane flight,model airplanes,engines,aerodynamics - Pé Reivers
For the new modeller
Fuels - Brian Hampton
Glow Plugs- Brian Hampton
Installation of Model Engine Bearings
K&B owners guides - Carbuettor tuning etc
Performance Testing of Engines - Martin.Hepperle
Prop and rpm performance figures - RCFAQ
Regulated fuel supply for large engines - Pe Reivers
Running In Engines - Brian Hampton
Setting the Idle Mixture _ Brian Hampton
SmartPlugs - Applications
Walthers Model Railroad Mall -- Manufacturers
Williams Brothers - HO Scale Model Aircraft + Cars -
Wing Manufacturing