Padannamakkel Family History Padannamakkel P.C.Mathew Family
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(Kanjirappally, India)

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Joseph Mathew (Padannamakkel)

IV. P.C. MATHEW (1912-1998) married ANNAMMA,1916-1994(Kalackal link)the daughter of MATHEN VALLYARAYIL, Chennankari, Kuttanadu.Photo:Late P.C.Mathew, Annamma and their late son Chackochan
Annamma and P.C. Mathew (my parents) lived a long happy life. Annamma died at her home in Ponkunnam on Feb.16, 1994, aged 79. It is a wonderful thing, a mother. Other people can love you, but only a Mother understands you. She works for you, looks after you, worries about you, and forgives anything you do. The only hard thing she ever does is die and leaves you.

P.C. Mathew died at his home here in Ponkunnam on Feb 12, 1998, aged 86. He was the widower of Annamma Mathew, Valliyara. He was born on 1912 in Kanjirappally and lived here, Kothamangalam, Pallivasal, Vazhoor, and Ponkunnam all his life. He was the son of Vallyakunju, Padannamakkel and Thresia Arakkal. He was retired Manager from the A.V. Thomas and Company, and Superintendent of Valliamattam estates. He was a wholesale businessman, a great farmer and a construction contractor.

P.C. Mathew and Annamma are buried, as they lived, side by side in The Holy Family Church Cemetery in Ponkunnam. Survivors include four sons and one daughter.

Their son Jacob Mathew is buried in Movattupuzha.

"I wish I could look their eyes to say these final words " I love you all and ...Goodbye? My father, P.C. Mathew, who inspired me to start recording the history of the family. For the first time in my life I don't have my father, to honor on this day. It's been one year today, on the day of February 12, 1998 that we laid his body to rest. My tears have not stopped, my heart still breaks, the hurt will never go way, of loving you my mother, father, and Chackochan (died Aug.18, 1998) my best friends. It is a wonderful thing, a mother, father, one older brother, and one older sister (Grace died 1938). In my life I don't have you all, my parents, my beloved Chackochan (brother), to honor on this day.

P.C. Mathew and Annamma were the parents of the following CHILDREN.

[1]Grace Mathew, 1935-1938(March 3)

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A Little Angel....."The saddest word mankind knows will always be goodbye. So when a little child departs, we who are left behind must realize God loves children & angels are hard to find."

2.Jacob Mathew (1938-1998) married Mercy Mullankuzhiyil, Vazakulam.

Jacob Mathew (Chackochan), son of P.C. Mathew Padannamakkel, and Annamma Valliyarayil was born in Pallivasal on July 1938. Chackochan married Mercy (Margret Mullankuzhiyil, daughter of Mathan Mullankuzhiyil) in 1963.

During his youth in Kanjirappally, he was an honor student from St. Dominic School, Kanjirappally and St. Eprem's School, Mannanam. He graduated from Thevara College in 1957.

He served on active duty with the Indian Air force from 1951-1974. He Served at Dacca field, Bengla Desh with the Airforce during Indo-Pak war. Jacob Mathew (Chackochan) who lived in Muvattupuzha off and on since 1962, spent most of his 17 year career with Air force mechanical units.

He retired in 1972, and then pursued his own business in Furniture industry. After his retirement from the Air force, he enjoyed a successful career as a furniture manufacturing and officio and consultant for various business and charitable organizations. He was a past president of the Merchant association, Muvattupuzha.

He built up a top collection of coins and [S]tamps, which made him a very good adviser to the Numismatic and Philatelic club while living in Muvattupuzha.

He died on Aug. 18, 1998 and was buried in Catholic Church Cemetery, Muvattupuzha with full honors of merchant association and Chamber of commerce of Muvattupuzha.Chackochan received a farewell from thousands of fans lining the streets in this towns's biggest display of public mourning. Survivors include his wife, Mercy of Mullankuzhiyil ; four daughters, Beena, Biju, Bindu and Binu ; a son Ben Mon and grand children.

The following are their children while they living in Muvattupzha.

1.Beena,BscBed(daughter)married to James Mathew, Chettur-Perungazha. They are the parents of the following children while living in Muvattupuzha. (a) Angel Anna Mathew. (b) Chackochan Mathew.

2.Biju married to Sebi, Vithayathil(Chalakudi) .They are the parents of the following children while living in Chalakkudi. (a.)Mevel Rose Sebastian. (b.) Ousephchan Sebastian.

3.Bindu married to Boban Puthiyathu, Upputhara. They are the parents of the following children while living in Upputhara. (a.) Devas Boban. (b.) Kunjakko Boban.

4. Anand and Binu FamilyBinu Jacob (Computer Engineer) married to Anand. Anand is a soft Ware Engineer. This family is settled in California.

5.Ben Jacob is their youngest son. He is the proprietor of the Grace Furniture, Muvattupuzha.

A tribute to ChackochanYou see, when we were growing up, to me you were already grown up and I really never know you except for that you were my brother. Brother was just a word to me then, as I seldom saw you but you watched me grow to be what I am today. I can't say enough , this is my brother, this is my best friend of all time and always will be.

Tribute to Ichayan,Ammachi & Chackochan

3.Joseph Mathew married Rosakutty Vettathu (USA).

(Vettathu Family, History)

A little bit about my life.....

My First Communion, Kanjirappally (Photo)
Photo: A moment in College Life

About me

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I am the author of this website, 'the Padannamakkel family history'. I became interested in Genealogy after losing my mother and father.

I have two children - daughter and son; both are grown.
(a) Dr. Sajel (Jiji) Joseph (daughter).
She is a graduate of Ursline High School, New Rochelle, New York. She later received her MBBS degree from Sri DevRaj Urs Medical College, Bangalore University, India.
(b) Dr.Jijoe Joseph (son) is a graduate of Iona Prep. New Rochelle, New York. He received his MD degree from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.

We were four brothers and one sister. Chackochan was the eldest brother, and I was next in line. Although his birth was a blessing, he came into this world following a terrible tragedy--the death of our older sister, Gracy. Unfortunately, Chackochan also arrived during the most humanly trying of times, [d]epression times. A plantation manager in Pallivasal and Kothamangalam, my poor father was finding it horrendously difficult merely to survive. Typhoid was mercilessly wiping out many people in and around his region . And it was the terrible typhoid that took Gracy at the tender age of three. My parents were devastated after Gracy's passing, and not surprisingly it wasn't long after Chackochan's birth that our father resigned his job due to health reasons and moved us to Kanjirappally.

I was born and raised within the boundaries of Kanjirappally. Around 1948 my parents P.C. Mathew and Annamma bought a house in Pulimakkel, Kanjirappally which is where I spent my formative years. I grew up and spent a happy childhood in lovely Kanjirappally for 15 years. I attended schools in Kanjirappally, at St. Dominic's School, Government High School, and in Vazhoor at SVRV (NSS)High School Following after graduating from SVRV High School, Vazhoor, I attended Pre-University at Devagiri College, Calicut, at Trivandrum, and Masters at Aligarh Muslim University . I spent two years at the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University where I began in the Master of Commerce. I received my M.Com degree in Sept. of 1968. I began working in St. Aloysious college, Elthuruthu, Thrissur and many tutorial colleges in Ernakulam, and Palai. In the December of 1973, I married Rosakutty, Vettathu, daughter of Mr. George Vettathu, Moonnilavu, and Mary Kappil. Later our marriage, we migrated to New Rochelle, New York in 1973 and here and now, I am a language specialist in South Indian [B]ooks and cataloger in New York Public Library.I have lived most of my life in New Rochelle, USA had the same address since 1974. I layout a great deal of time in view of the fact that of my ancestors. I derive joy from spending time in the company of my family and friends, researching my family history, a never ending quest. I began my research a two years ago and have been motivated ever since.

I have already succeeded an authentic research beginning with my ancestors. On my fathers side, I have found positively many documentation. I have only a short while ago initiated the search in contact with my mother's ancestors for that reason my information does not go back that far.

In February of 1994, my mother had died. I realized after her death that I knew next to nothing about her ancestors, and I did not want my children to face the same thing upon my death. I decided that I would update the information in the web site and preserve the information for my children.

My home page is dedicated to our family history. It is my inheritance for all of my family to derive joy from! Now when my children's children, nieces, nephews and future generations ask questions in regard to their ancestry, they will have more answers than I did.

There could possibly be errors in some files, but I have done my best to be as accurate as possible. I gladly take corrections from family members if any one has more information to submit to this very large family.

[4] P.M.Mathew (Babukutty)married Rosamma Kunnel. They are the parents of two daughters while living in Ponkunnam.

(a)Meena ,Bsc(Computer)married Ramesh Kulirani, Msc, MBA, son of Joy Kulirani, Retired Head master,Kanjiramattam.

(b)Mini Mathew MBA She works as Marketing Manager for the Indian Express Corperation.

Babukutty did his High School in SVRV , Vazhoor. After he graduated from the SVRV High School , he engaged in a variety of business in Vazhoor, but was unsuccessful. He entered the Rubber retailing and discontinued following an unproductive trial in the business.After his efforts in business a few years, Babukutty used his skills in agriculture and worked to assist his parents while giving well education to his children.

[5] Therasa married to Prof.Joseph Anthraper, Malikaykkal, Shertalai. They are the parents of two daughters, and one son while living in Mysore.

(a)Nisha Anthraper, B.Tech.,M.S. (Lecturer in Engineering- daughter).

(c)Dr.Navish Anthraper(son)

(b)Dr.Navina Anthraper,B.DS. (daughter) dove.gif (19422 bytes)

Valsamma Anthreper, daughter of late Mr.P.C. Mathew Padannamakkel and late Annamma was born in Kanjirappally. After her studies at the St. Dominic' s School, Kanjirappally, NSS High School Vazhoor, she had her college studies at Alphonsa college, Palai. She did her Master of Biology from St. Thomas college ,Palai. Her husband Mr. Joseph Anthreper was formerly a professor in St. Philominas College, Mysore. He was in charge of the officer commanding of the NCC Air wing in the college. They are lucky parents of three brilliant children, Nisha Anthreper (Lecturer in Engineering), Dr.Navish Anthreper, and Dr. Navina Anthreper beside their admirable integrity.

[6] Thomas Mathew married Thresiamma Thomas Thundiparampil, while living in Chicago, USA.

The following are their wonderful children.

(a)Mrs.Trena Ance Thomas,BPT.

Trena, the eldest daughter born in Chicago and brought up in Kerala, India, has successfully completed her degree in Physiotherapy. She married to Binu Abraham, Chitten Family and settled in New Rochelle, New York.

Binu is a computer engineer with SW Systems, in Philadelphia, USA.

(b)Miss.Trincy Merlin Thomas B.Tech., has successfully completed her degree in Computer Engineering. She is doing her graduate research in Chicago as well as with her Master of Science program. This Padannamavi is formerly of Miss Nirmala college, Muvattupuzha.She is witty, she has a great sense of humor, she's spontaneous and enthusiastic, and she loves to have fun. Her gift of gab is already world-famous. She lives in Chicago- She's her Daddy’s dearest daughter.

son,(c) Mathews Tobin Thomas is a B.S. student in Chicago. Tobin is a promising and talented young man.

He studied for his Pre-degree at Movattupuzha, Kerala and has decided to continue his studies at the Northeastern Illinois State University., studying Computer Engineering at degree level. He has major in computer, mathematics and minor subjects in dance and [M]usic.

Mr. Thomas Mathew, the youngest son in the family, was settled at the beginning in Chicago. He left the United States for his good and now; he is gainfully engaged in the companies of the [R]eal estate business. While he studied at the university he was a well-known student and had a marvelous student history. He served in Nirmala College as the Student president, the chair and the officio of various organizations, cultural, spiritual, political organizations. He is very fond of go on pilgrimage to sacred places and touring at irregular intervals to USA and India. He visited the places of pilgrim centers like Lourdes in France, and Fathima in Portugal. He was one of leading supporters toward the building of a chapel (a small church) for a prayer group in Muvattupuzha. This Chapel (a small church) was built in the name of Mary for the veneration and the services of the meeting of prayer around his town.
Mr.Thomas Mathew, his exicutive profile:

Hello friends,

Please join me in this wonderful journey through the roots of where my family began. The story goes back ages starting with Thommy Periyaveettil, NIlackel via Chandapilla Padannamakkel until the present generation. I hope you enjoy the years of research that I have done. I have uncovered many precious facts in this travel through time which I will cherish for ever. Please click the following link and I hope it brings you as much enjoyment as it has me. With out further a due, I would like to share with you the PADANNAMAKKEL family history... " "

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