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Now come the quotes! (please feel free to e-mail me more)
(note: most quotes come from movie 1)

(My favorite) Happosai: Ah, look at the poor dearies all alone and unprotected, allow me to take you to a safer location my silkie darlings.

Happosai: A brassier, brassier, hoo hoo!

Ranma to Akane: What a job? I didn't know the circus had an opening.

Hey Kuno baby, the door. BE SILENT WOMAN!

Shampoo: Niaho Ranma! Today beautiful afternoon for Ranma take Shampoo on date.

Kirin: I am Kerin, of the seven lucky gods school of martial arts!

Ranma: What are you doing here you old lech?
Happosai: Oh, Ranma my boy how have ya been?

Ranma to Kerin: There's no way you are taking Akane.
Kirin: And why is that?
Ranma: Because You'll all DIE! -pause- FROM AKANE'S TERRIBLE COOKING!

Ryoga:Tomorrow sees undone what happens not today, indecision brings delay, days lost, lamenting lost days.

Ryoga: I said no amd i mean no!
Ranma: Be a pal and beat me up!

Ryoga:Saotome! I will never forgive you! you stole my bread! You lousy theif!

Ranma: I've got no choice. I didnt want to use this technique but...
Ranma: Saotome Anything Goes Martial Arts final attack!
Ryoga: What?
Ranma: Ready, set, RUN AWAY!

Ryoga: Ranma Saotome, today is the day i shall break you!

Ryoga: Where is furinkan High School?

Ryoga: Im a human being, not a pig!

Ranma: Ryoga i waited at the agreed place for three days
Akane: Three days?
Ryoga: Oh sure, you waited three days. But when i got there on the fourth day, you already turned your tail and ran!
Akane: Fourth day?

Ryoga: Ranma i hate you!
Ranma: Yeah, so?
Ranma: oh, so what did i do now?

Ranma: Yeah, well oink oink to you too

Ryoga: Akane, let me be your figure skating partner.
Ranma: But Charlotte, how do you know about the
skating match? Ryoga: Shut up! Who're you calling Charlotte?

Kodachi: What a man!
Ranma: uh oh, its whats her face, the plack petunia or whatever

Kodachi: Ranma darling, thank you for waiting
Ranam: Im not waiting, im paralized

Akane: Ranma what on earth did you do to the mailbox?
Ranma: I dunno, forget a postage stamp or something?

Akane: Campared to boys who turn into girls, ghosts dont seem so weird
Ranma: Hey. Dont not get personal

Akane: Lucky you! Having such a cute fiance!
Ukyo: Akane? You mean....
Ranam: Yup. Cute fiance, meet uncute fiance

Kuno: That hurt you know

Kuno: Ah. I smote him well

Kasumi: bye bye birdie
Nibiki: please stop that

Kasumi: Bye bye birdie
Nibiki: Ok, sis. You win. i give up already
Kasumi: Bye bye birdie

Genma: Silly boy, dont you remember Article 5, Item 3 of the code? Of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts?
Ranma: We've, uh, got a code?

Genma: curse those evil octopi

Happosai: What are you two doing?
Genma: Were express mailing you to the north pole.
Soun: Where you can ruin someone else's house for a while
Happosai: I'll be good

Cologne: I thought the ghosts in the place were supposed to break up couples. why arent they attacking?
Genma: Maybe they have never been scared off by the living before

Mousse: Great granny i must go!
Genma: Uh, who are you talking to?

Mousse: Come now. Its unseemely for guests to behave this way.
Ryoga: Stay outta this duck boy

Mousse: Ugh, mackle jerky

Soun: The path of a true martial artist is frought with perils

Akane: Hiding yourself in the dirt with a hand trowel is not what i would call an invivibility technique!

Ukyo: Were you born stupid, or did you grow that way?

Ukyo: You jackass, you didnt have to show him my chest you know

Akane: You dolt

Akane: Ranma's free to date the entire student body for all i care

Akane: you are unbelievalbe! Have you no female sense of modesty?

Akane: Honestly, i get tired of this sometimes

Akane: Hmph! Please dont give my dad anyideas MR. Saotome

Genma: You sound like a girl Ranma!

Genma: Have you lost your wits boy?

Genma: Ranma my boy, let me introduce you.....say hello to Ukyo, your betrothed

Genma: If your set on proving yourself, why not try me

Kasumi: Oh...oh...oh dear. I think i am about to do something evil again...

Kuno: whither akane Tendo, and the pig tailed girl

Nibiki: what is this, some kind of day camp?

Nibiki: Good grief, your pathetic

Nibiki: not the queen of the Amazons

Nibiki: Ranma, your so wrong

Ranma: Im, hold my bag a sec

Ranma: Time for the deep fryar, you poor excuse for a picnic

Ranma: Butt out bacon breath!

Shampoo: This is stupid

Shampoo: AIYA!

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