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Swan Replacement Parts & Schematics

The once great leaders of US amateur radio equipment manufacturing have faded into the ages. However, many of their electron tube era products remain in service to this day which is certainly an affirmation to the quality and workmanship of those early radio builders; and, to the dedication of those hams that continue to worship and tend to these marvels of tube technology.

As replacement components are nearing depletion and prices being driven up by the knowledge of demand, substitution parts and tubes must be sought.

The Swan User Group maintains a "vault" that contains "elements of restoration" such as radios, parts, tubes, schematics, service bulletins, etc. We can salvage parts inexpensively for those tending to their own personal radio equipment - not for dealers, repair shops, distributors, etc. We only desire to help the tube type radio owner keep his or her equipment working and sounding good on the air.

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