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Sample Sets
Sample sets are designs I have allready on site which
you may purchase and I would in turn
take them off as it would be yours.
(please note that others may have allready downloaded the set as linkware)

Sample Set = $45.00
(not customized)
Customized Sample Set = $55.00
(title, image map and/or buttons)

Individual Items

Title = $10.00
Buttons = $2.00
Image Map = 10.00
Banner = $10.00
Gifts,Awards,Calling Cards = $10.00
add on $5.00

Design CD
This CD includes a total of 6.50 megs.
It contains 40 different designs making a total of
83 web designs using 2-3 styles each.
~side borders~
~double borders~
~wrap around stationary borders~
~seemless tables~
~splash pages using java script mouse overs~
(with matching succeeding page)
It includes instuctional text files and original html files.
ADDED BONUS of 2 folders containing:
~all occasion email stationary (32 in all)~
~muted seemless backgrounds~

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Using PayPal


Custom Design
Custom design includes
background,title,bar,buttons and/or image map.
Simple terms a set that is designed for your needs and wants
that is not on site as a sample set.

Starting at $60.00
Because creating your unique design for your needs and wants
require more time and resources to produce
for you your graphical and design dreams.
It is hard to give an exact price until
I have an outline of what you desire.
The best thing to do is
Contact Me

If you are in need of more than one item or service above
Contact Me for a
~ Package ~


Webmaster and Design of a Site

As above your individual desires create your web uniqueness.
The best thing to do is
Contact Me to discuss your
needs and wants and I will offer a quote.


Please Note

Before website constuction commences
1/2 deposit is required by either
check,money order or credit card.
If you are paying by check please allow time
for your check to clear through the bank for your project to begin.


~ U.S. currency only ~
International Customers must pay by
U.S. postal money order.
Sorry for the inconvience I am in process to find
a reputable international credit card carrier.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
For your convience,sign up with PayPal
to pay for your design needs and recieve $5.00
when you start an account.


Here are a few banners I have made for those of you
that would like to link back to my site.
You can either upload them to your own server and link to:
Or copy/paste the html coding below each image.

<center><a href="">
<img src=""

<center><a href="">
<img src=""

<center><a href="">
<img src=""


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