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Current Walkthrough: Goldeneye 007 Egypt

Egypt 00 Agent 6:00

Cheat: All Guns

Mission Objectives:

1.Recover the Golden Gun

2.Defeat Baron Samedi

The best cheat in the game to get, it's also quite easy to get. You should have worked the level before so you know what to expect. Time is no issue at all and nor is life.

1.Simply head straight from the beginning (room with the pool), killing the two guards before the next room.

2.Once in the next room, go right to the passage way in the wall.

3.Go straight, and up the stairs.

4.Open the secret door to the room with the Golden Gun

5.To get it, enter on the center tile, and walk left 2 tiles so you are against the wall.

6.Then walk forward 2 tiles, right 3 tiles, forward 2, left 1, foward 1, left 1, foward 2, and right 1.

7.Get the Golden Gun.

8.Open the exit door, taking cover to avoid a few stray shots.

9.Open the next door and drop down.

10.Kill the guards or simply run by.

11.Baron Samedi should appear straight ahead so kill him with the Golden Gun.

12.Then head to the room with the pool and kill him there.

13.Then head back like you would to get the Golden Gun, but in the passageway take a right down the hall.

14.Follow the path all the way until you get to a blue tiled floor and the room where there's a large reflective pillar in the center.

15.Baron Samedi makes his final debut with two lasers, so give him one last shot with the Golden Gun and that's all.

And with that, the coolest cheat is yours.

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